Forza Horizon 5 beginner's guide - tips for exploring the world, adjusting difficulty, improving your car, and more


Forza Horizon 5 beginner's guide - tips for exploring the world, adjusting difficulty, improving your car, and more

If you are new to the franchise or have not played the Horizon series races for a long time, do not worry, we are ready to help you understand the gameplay features of the project. Here are some tips and tricks for aspiring players to game Forza Horizon 5 help you get the most out of this year's best arcade racing .

How not to miss all the story content

Forza Horizon 5 has an extensive campaign with many different races and challenges. As in previous games in the series, you need to earn reputation points to progress through the story. In the game, they are given for any action, be it a racing race or a simple drift in free mode. So take your time! There are many races in the new Horizon that are not part of the story campaign. Scattered across the map are hundreds of experience and fast travel boards that can be broken into pieces.

If you start to worry about spending too much time away from the storyline, then don't worry. Various characters will call and remind you of what to do to continue the development of the festival. The further you go through the story, the more activities will appear on the map. Complete all currently available races and do not litter the map with hundreds of icons.

Don't be afraid to explore the open world off the road

Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 is limitless. When exploring the open world, don't get in the habit of keeping to the road. Cross-country, jungle and grassland rides are a great way to stumble upon a free car or new home, find scenic Photo Mode spots, and discover rare challenges and missions. 


For this reason, it would be a good idea to invest in a good SUV, even if you bought the game for the expensive "racing" cars. Believe me, the purchase of a jeep will more than pay off with a couple of rare cars found and will come in handy for driving through the jungle.

Upgrade your car in a timely manner 

Remember to upgrade your vehicle from time to time, especially if you just received it and are about to use it at the moment. Even if you do not want to radically change the basic settings of the car, on which the main physical model rests, then take care of changing the engine and wheels. Even such little things can greatly help in the battles for the first place.

 If you are hesitant to upgrade your iron horse because you are saving on buying a more expensive car early on, then put this curmudgeon's thought aside. Car retrofitting is not such an expensive operation. A couple of races will easily cover the cost of a few top-notch upgrades. An upgrade is required to increase the rating of your vehicle. If you don't have the right car, then you can rent the right car, but you get less experience for that.

Track festival playlists

The Festival Playlist is a collection of what you've done over the season and what remains to be done. Unique events and rewards appear throughout the seasons, so be sure to check out Seasonal Challenges. Perhaps you will find something funny there that you did not know about before, and it is also a great way to get rare cars that you cannot buy in the usual way.

Find the perfect difficulty to beat

Forza Horizon 5 has a flexible difficulty setting system. Play around with the difficulty options before each race to find the ideal you can beat the AI ​​with.

Optimal difficulty setting for beginners.

  • Control. We advise you to select "Simulation" for the steering. Other options - (automatic, auxiliary and standard) are needed if you are giving up grip and stability control.
  • Traction control system. Select “Off” under this option, but remember that this option may be required when driving high torque supercars. The traction control system prevents your car from making unnecessary wheel rotations. She helps in races (especially at the start) with high-level opponents.
  • Stability control. Always leave this option disabled. Stability control noticeably slows the vehicle down and makes it difficult to withstand drifts in off-road racing.
  • Tire damage and wear. It all depends on your preference. Cars in Forza cannot be destroyed to smithereens, but a walker can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. The car will be less controllable and will not be able to reach its maximum speed. If you are playing for fun, and not a plausible simulation of races, then disable this option. It's worth noting that your cars will get dirty anyway. To remove dirt from your car, simply open Photo Mode and select the "Reset Cosmetic Damage" option.
  • Rewind. This option does not affect the gain of experience, so do not hesitate to enable it. It is useful for performing unique jumps and tricks that require repeated attempts. She also helps players who love to drive past the quest marker.

When your level of play has improved significantly, then try increasing the difficulty. In addition to the harder challenge, you will receive more rewards and experience overall.

Earn experience points and credits 

 After earning your first personal home, Forza Horizon 5 turns into a game with a limitless world in which you can spend a lot of time discovering new activities and participating in any races. At this point, you should have enough credits to buy the car you are not ashamed to drive. In the future, resources and experience will be plentifully credited after each race or stunt on the road.

Try to try Horizon Arcade as early as possible - a set of time-limited tasks usually associated with destroying something. Horizon Arcade events are marked with a purple blob and an airship icon on the map. Go to them, wait for the start of the event and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen. Horizon Arcade is a productive way to earn a lot of money, experience and rewards. 

 Whether you are participating in events or simply wandering aimlessly through the open world, performing tricks such as skidding, jumping or destroying objects, you will receive experience points that are necessary to level up and gain skill points. The more tricks you combine, the higher your score multiplier.

In fact, Forza Horizon 5 is an easy-to-learn game. Thanks to the updated story mode, you will be taught all the basic mechanics and will help you navigate the terrain. The main thing that the game requires of you is to be able to have fun, have fun and relax without any unnecessary reason. 

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