Free Fire: The best tips to win games and survive

 We present you a series of tips and tricks that will help you be more effective in Free Fire's Battle Royale. Write down these recommendations and start winning your games over and over again.

If you want to win all your games , Free Fire you will need to know the best tips to keep in mind about Garena's game. This Battle Royale free on Android and iOS can become really demanding when there are veterans playing, so as part of our guide below we are going to recommend several tricks that will come in handy to improve and survive in Free Fire. 

Meet all the characters and weapons

Each character in the game (with the exception of Adam and Eve), has a unique survival ability , either active or passive, that will give you advantages in the game. It is important to discover them all both to know which is the one that will be most profitable for you as well as to defend yourself against enemies who are going to use them against you.

Of course, it goes without saying that thoroughly analyzing the arsenal available is vital if you want to know which are the best weapons you should have with you, what types there are, what their damage attributes are, and much more. 

Configure the controls to your liking

Configure the controls to your liking

By default Free Fire includes a good control configuration that is quite comfortable for most players. However, do not be afraid to experiment and modify any type of option as it is advisable to do so and this can lead to an improvement in your progress and victories in the long run.

Land in a good spot on the map

Land in a good spot on the map

The beginning of every game is decisive for the course of this. As in all Battle Royale, jumping and landing in a good place on the map can win the game if we are smart and have some luck. Starting off on the right foot and arming yourself before the war is your priority in the first minutes.

Some considerations to keep in mind about this are the following:

  • Try to avoid big cities and places with names where go many players (you want to avoid groups of rivals at first).
  • Dive into smaller more isolated areas , that are close to other large venues, but where not many players are going to go.
  • Take a good look at where the other players are going, you can maneuver in the air to change your route if you need to.
  • You don't have to jump in anytime soon, you can wait on the plane for a while until it has emptied quite a bit.
  • If before starting the game you equip yourself with the object Scanner , you will be able to know how many people are still in the plane and after jumping you also be will able to see the enemies near you on the map until you touch the ground.

Arm yourself soon and well 

Arm yourself soon and well

Of course, after you've landed, your next step is to equip yourself to the teeth . It's better to spend a few moments looting and searching for gear and weapons rather than going after other players. For this reason, remember that among your objectives you should always be present to look for this:

  • Weapons: it is the first thing you should look for, any one is good for you at first, you will have time after looking for something better).
  • Armor: we mean a helmet and a bulletproof vest to increase your defense.
  • Backpack: to increase your inventory slots and be able to carry more supplies.
  • First aid kits: to be able to recover life if things get ugly.

Very attentive to the safe zone


Very attentive to the safe zone

As in many Battle Royale, in Free Fire we always have a safe area to play on the map. As the game progresses there is a circle that closes more and more , cornering the players little by little.

  • It is very important to always be within the safe zone , since if we are outside of it we will receive damage progressively until we die.
  • The safe zone (the circle), can be seen on the map and as the minutes go by it closes.
  • Pay attention to the warnings and movements of the safe zone to move with time and that you do not get caught. The further the game progresses, the more damage you will take if you are outside the safe zone and the faster the game will close .

Some more experienced players like to advance with the safe zone, on the edge of it , since they cover one flank or hope to find lagging players who are easy to shoot. This can be another good idea to survive, but we only recommend doing it when you have enough experience and know how to calculate the movements and speeds of the circle well.

Explore locations with high-quality loot

Explore locations with high-quality loot

If the game progresses properly and you are already somewhat armed, you can always go in search of some important location where you will find high-quality loot (almost always). We refer to locations such as stores and military posts, watchtowers, cargo containers, and so on.

These places usually have higher-level equipment and weapons and can be great for you, especially if you have not yet killed other players who have better things than you. Of course, when you enter them, do not lower your guard, because other rivals could be nearby .

The minimap is of great help

The minimap is of great help

The minimap , which is located in the upper left part of the screen, shows a lot of important information for you. Do not stop consulting it often. For starters, you can quickly see if you are within the safe zone, but there is more.

In addition, the minimap shows icons such as red triangles when nearby enemies are detected firing their weapons . There will also be yellow and red dots when explosions occur or other players use vehicles, and you can even see radiation or zones danger zones marked red, indicating that the place will receive a bombardment soon and even reconnaissance UAV drones , for example . All this is information that gives you advantages and helps you plan your strategies.

Use coverage to your advantage

One mistake many novice Free Fire players make is not using coverages and scenarios to their advantage in shootouts. If there is gunfire or crossfire, don't get exposed . Move quickly and look for any type of cover, be it a wall, a barrel, a vehicle ...

Everything is to make it more difficult for rivals to hit a shot. In this sense, it also counts that if you are going to reorganize your inventory, do not stand still doing it, lie down or hide before proceeding with it. Ultimately, don't be an easy target!

Try to have a stable connection

Since Free Fire games are online multiplayer, it is an important detail to have a good stable Internet connection . If you're playing on a decent Wi-Fi network, great. But if you are using mobile data and you do not have a great speed, think carefully if it pays to play with jerks or lag. In a game of this style where many times a mistake of a thousandth of a second can lead to death, the stability of the game is very important.

Play as a team and use communication 

Do not forget that Free Fire can also be a team cooperation game . If you play games in Duo or Squad mode , do not leave your teammates aside and remember to actively use communication, either by voice chat or by text .

  • Make sure you have the microphone or headphones activated from the settings menu (if they are not, their icons will be crossed out).
  • Inform other colleagues of everything you see or do often.
  • Cooperate together, do not separate, share your team and create strategies to surprise your rivals and win the games. 

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