Free Fire: Get memory fragment and level up the characters

 We show you how you can get memory fragments to improve and level up your characters and their abilities. So they will be more powerful on the battlefield!

Free Fire: Get memory fragment and level up the characters

In Free Fire all characters have unique abilities (except Adam and Eve). These skills can be improved by raising the levels of the characters, but for this we must get the so-called memory fragments . If you do not know what they are or how they are obtained, do not worry, then in this entry of our complete guide we will explain it to you in detail.

What are memory fragment and how to level up the characters? 

The memory fragments in Free Fire are a kind of cards or items that serve to raise the level of the characters that we have unlocked. That is, these memory fragments remind the characters of their pasts and thanks to this they can improve their skills.

As a general rule, a character needs around 100 memory fragments to be able to raise his skill level at the beginning. Although you will also need to invest a number of Diamonds or gold coins to go up a level (you decide which of the two currencies to spend). The more level our character has, the more will increase the requirements also to reach the next one.

These requirements for the levels of each character can always be consulted from the Files tab , when you are viewing a character's profile. 

How to get memory fragments?

Having seen what you have seen, now you know that memory fragments are quite important to improve in the game and have a better chance of winning. So you may wonder how you can get them . These are all the methods by which you can get memory chunks:

  • Win in games: at the end of games you can earn memory fragments of the character you are using.
  • In Lucky Draw: in this section by sheer luck you can sometimes win additional memory fragments for your characters.
  • Buy from the store: You can also buy Memory Shard packs from the store.
  • By events: certain events can sometimes reward memory fragments or exchanges that give fragments.
  • In the daily surprise box: sometimes if you are lucky you can win random memory fragments by opening the daily free box in the store.

It should be noted that it also is possible to buy Memory Fragment Boxes of some characters from the in-game store, in exchange for 40 diamonds , which allows you to raise their levels much more quickly and directly. In these boxes you can get from 80 fragments to 2,000 fragments maximum if you are very lucky (the probability is random).

Equip skills of other characters

Finally, it should be noted that in Free Fire the characters have a total of 3 slots skill available. Therefore, in addition to his own ability, a character can be equipped with abilities of other characters if we have the slot or free slot. This, again, can be done by purchasing the space with 50 diamonds or 2000 gold .

Remember that you can only use abilities of other characters that you previously have unlocked . Note that if you equip a character with the ability of another, when you play games with that character you also will receive 50% memory fragments from that character that shares the ability. 


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