Free Fire: How to Earn Gold Quick and Easy (All Methods)

 We teach you the easiest and simplest methods to perform to get gold coins in Free Fire, the free currency with which you can unlock and buy many things in the store.

Free Fire: How to Earn Gold Quick and Easy (All Methods)

Of the currencies that we have available in Free Fire , gold is the free currency that can be easily obtained in many different ways. Although this resource is not as precious as diamonds , it can be used to purchase and unlock items in the shop, including characters and their skill slots.

If you have come this far it is probably because you wonder what are the methods to earn a lot of gold in Free Fire, then we will tell you all of them as part of our guide

Play games

The first method is also the simplest, easiest and most common to earn gold in Free Fire. Simply enter to play games and complete them to earn gold at the end of these. Each game played will give you gold and, what is better, depending on your performance you can earn more gold.

  • In other words, the better you play, the more gold will reward you the game . So try to stay alive as long as possible, rack up murders, perform headshots, and so on.

Be careful, keep in mind that there is always a daily limit of gold coins that you can obtain after completing games. This limit can be found on the scoreboard that appears at the end of the game. When you reach the limit, you won't be able to earn more until the next day (although this limit can be extended by purchasing the Fire Pass Elite). 

Complete daily missions

This method could be said to go hand in hand with the previous one , so it is like killing two birds with the same stone. While playing games you will be able to perform what are known as missions or challenges different such as using certain weapons, making eliminations, finishing in high positions.

By completing these missions you will earn rewards for your effort in the form of explosive medals . And these medals are used to unlock levels of the Fire Pass , in which you can win boxes of gold coins and more (with a minimum of 850 gold if you complete the season pass). If you have purchased the Fire Pass Elite on top, the gold rewards will be much higher .

Join a clan

  • Joining a clan has a prize , and if you do, you will earn gold coins.
  • In addition, the higher the clan level, the more bonus you will daily gold get.
  • If, for example, you join a clan of level 4 or higher , the gold reward will be 6% , with a daily limit of 50.

Season Awards

It should be noted that all seasons have a prize at the end of these. You must be attentive to your email and your notifications since when the end of the season arrives you will be able to receive the prizes of the season.

  • If you have played qualifiers you will receive at least 1,000 gold coins (if you are in Bronze rank).
  • The higher you rank in the qualifiers, the bigger and better these seasonal prizes will be, so your effort pays off.

Open free boxes 

 Every day there is a free box in the Store that you can claim and open, just for entering the game. To find this box, go to the store menu, and from the Normal section click on Offer of the day . Among the deals of the day you will see a simple box labeled "Free" .

Open that box and see what you get. You will usually earn gold in small amounts for doing this, for example 25 gold coins. It is not much, but as they say a gift horse ...

Make Royale Gold Spins 

Gold Royale is a like section roulette- that is within the Luck Royale menu. Here you can use all your accumulated gold to make spins that will give you random rewards (so the luck factor comes into play). The important thing to know is that every day you have 1 free spin and many times by doing this you can win gold (if you have won Gold Royale Tickets in your inventory, you can use it to make more spins on the roulette wheel).

In addition, by accumulating weekly spins you will also get bonuses with red boxes that appear on the right side of the screen. If you open these free Gold Royale boxes you can get for example 100 extra gold coins .

Log in every day

Finally to finish, a way totally guaranteed to win gold is by entering the game every day.

  • Simply by and logging in logging in with your account you will receive a free daily reward.
  • In general, in a week doing this you can earn about 350 gold coins, which is not bad considering that it costs you very little to open the application.
  • Don't forget to do it! 

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