Free Fire Maps: Best Places and Zones with High Quality Loot

 We show you the best locations to visit on each of the Free Fire maps; Here you can find out which are the areas with the best loot and high-quality loot to win the games.

Free Fire Maps: Best Places and Zones with High Quality Loot

Game Free Fire can be played on a variety of maps with lots of different locations . It is important to know these maps like the back of your hand and to know the best locations to jump and land, to arm yourself with from the beginning the best high-quality loot and have a better chance of winning games.

In this entry of our complete guide, we are going to show you the main characteristics of the maps available in Free Fire and we will recommend the best places to find good loot. 

  • Note: keep in mind that the best places are also usually the most frequented by rivals, so you risk getting into combat when exploring them. Also remember that loot is generated randomly.


Bermuda is the name given to the main map of Free Fire. This map is a desert island relatively medium-sized , easy for all players to explore. It has quite a few diverse locations that offer both short, medium or long distance combat .

Best places in Bermuda 

Best places in Bermuda

These are the best places to land and visit on the Bermuda map in search of high-quality loot.

  • Clock Tower: it is near the channel that divides the area with the Hangar. The tower of the place is ideal for snipers, there is a lot of loot.
  • Factory: one of the busiest places due to its location where you will find quite a few weapons.
  • Hangar: it is the airport, to the west of the map. Here are containers, planes and houses with good quality weapons and supplies.
  • Mill - A factory located to the northeast that contains several warehouses, vehicles, and many containers with loot.
  • Peak: right in the center, the most dangerous area because many players go. Lots of loot, but not recommended for newbies.
  • Observatory: located to the northwest, there is a lot of loot scattered throughout its rooms, although there are quite a few close-range clashes.


Purgatory is the second map in Free Fire. In this case it is a larger and wider map , with a huge number of valleys and hills. Here stand the fighting long range weapons that work well in the long range. It is essential to move a lot and use zip lines to move faster.

Best places in Purgatory

Best places in Purgatory

These are the best places to land and visit on the Purgatory map in search of high-quality loot.

  • Brasilia: In the center of the map, this is a huge city full of houses and large amounts of loot everywhere, as are many rival players.
  • Central: the place with the best quality loot on this map, which also has zip lines to escape quickly (although using them you can be an easy target).
  • Moathouse: it is a mansion in the center of a lake, to the north of the map, with a lot of weapons and supplies (it is preferable to land on the top).
  • Ski Lodge: a skating rink to the east with good loot at its lockers and end stations. Loot can also be collected on the track itself, although it leaves you more exposed.
  • Quarry: a small quarry with cranes, containers and stones in which there is a lot of loot distributed. At the back of the place you can sometimes find very valuable loot.


Kalahari is the third map in Free Fire. Its terrain is complicated and arid, with sandstorms. It is the map smallest , so the fights are usually short and medium distances and of a reduced duration. Despite this, there are also the occasional high point, ideal for snipers.

Best places in Kalahari 

Best places in Kalahari

These are the best places to land and visit on the Kalahari map in search of high-quality loot.

  • The Sub: abundant loot, especially in the submarine that is in the place. There is a good chance of finding long-range weapons here.
  • Command post: a central place with many buildings that many players go to since there is a good amount of loot.
  • Refinery - Another very dangerous downtown location, with large amounts of high-quality loot.
  • Santa Catarina: it is a wrecked ship to the east of the map, with a lot of loot on its deck as well as in the nearby buildings.
  • Sanctuaries: a place with pyramids that has a great variety of loot and from which you can take a strategic position. 

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