Free Fire tokens: Types, how to get them and what they are for

 We show you how to get FF Tokens, Rank Tokens, Clan Tokens and even Resurrection Tokens in Free Fire. Get these consumable items to spend on new items in the shop.

Free Fire tokens: Types, how to get them and what they are for

The Tokens of Free Fire are a type of consumable item that can be exchanged in the store of the game for different items and rewards for something new that still do not have in our possession. As part of our guide , in this post we show you the different Tokens main that are in Free Fire, how they are obtained and what each one is for.

FF tokens 

FF Tokens, which are also known as Free Fire fragments , are a series of tickets or coupons red that can be obtained through section the roulette of Luck Royale . That is, they are obtained by making rolls in Diamond Royale, for example.

They are the most common and easy to get tokens and are used to acquire a exchange lot of different items in the store in , such as clothing items, level-up cards, accessories, Diamond tickets, memory fragments , etc.

  • With every spin of Luck Royale there is a high probability that you will get FF Tokens.
  • Also remember that every day you have a free spin on Gold Luck Royale Royale.
  • It is also possible to win some boxes of Tokens in the free Fire Pass and Elite .

Tokens from Rank

Those known as Rank Tokens help us to get weapon skins and also exclusive clothing items that are only obtained through the exchange of these tokens.

  • These Rank Tokens can be earned through ranked match rewards (hence the name).
  • Keep in mind that they cannot be obtained in classic modes or other modes game .
  • Depending on your actions in ranked matches, the more Rank Tokens you will earn .
  • By reaching different ranks of qualifiers, you will also receive this type of token as a reward.

Tokens from Clan 

Clan Tokens are a type of specific token dedicated to clans within the game. Previously these tokens could be earned through daily quests from a clan, but today they are obtained through supply crates and are quite rare.

  • The leader of a clan can access the supply boxes to unlock daily boxes for all members of a clan.
  • A member of the clan must have the Elite Pass or a special package in order to receive clan rewards containing clan Tokens.
  • Some of the rewards that can be obtained with these Tokens are name change cards, weapon boxes or skins, tickets for Luck Royale and more.

Resurrection tokens

A Resurrection Token is an object that serves, as its name suggests, to return to life in a game if we have died (although this only works in the Zombies game mode ).

  • These types of special tokens can be obtained by buying them in the store for 10 Diamonds .
  • If we have Resurrection Tokens in our inventory when we die during a Zombies game, we will be given the opportunity to respawn to continue playing. 



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