Free Fire: What are the best weapons for each situation

 We show you the best weapons you can use in Free Fire for short, medium and long distances. Get the most powerful arsenal in the game to win all your games!

Free Fire: What are the BEST weapons for each situation

Of all the weapons that we have available in Free Fire , of course there are some that stand out more than others and that we could call the best weapons in the game. Although clearly almost all weapons give good results and it all depends a lot on how we use them at all times or the accessories we get, there is no doubt that players have their favorites.

In this entry of our guide we are going to recommend what we believe are the best weapons Free Fire for different situations and circumstances. Whether you find them by chance or go in search of them, you should get them to increase your chances of winning

Best short range weapons

In the closest encounters you will want to have deadly weapons such as submachine guns or shotguns with you maybe , and even melee weapons . In that sense, we recommend the following:

Best submachine guns

Looking at the SMGs, we recommend the MP40 since it is the submachine gun with the highest cadence in the game and it is also very stable. The pity is that it cannot be equipped with accessories beyond the chargers.

As an alternative, you may be attracted to the idea of ​​carrying two Vectors, one in each hand . If not, without a doubt the MP5 is a guarantee in this field that everyone likes equally.

Best shotguns

Now if we're talking about shotguns, you should definitely carry in your inventory the M1887 or M1014 (preferably the former because it also does armor penetration damage), both shotguns are fabulous and will destroy anyone who gets within a few steps.

Better melee

In the melee weapons slot you should always try to have a Katana or a Machete , as they are undoubtedly the best melee weapons in Free Fire. Especially the machete becomes even more interesting since it can protect you from anything an enemy throws at you (failing that, would also be worth it the frying pan ). 

Best Medium Range Weapons

In the medium distances, what you want to have in your inventory are assault rifles , light machine guns and the odd pistol (like the Desert Eagle , which can be lethal if you have very good aim).

Best assault rifles

If you are just starting to play , the rifles M4A1 and SCAR are your best companions because they are reliable, quite stable, and very versatile and easy to use. Even when you already have experience in the game they are still phenomenal weapons.

The FAMAS and AK are also great rifles high-damage , although these require you to be better at handling them (especially the AK that has a lot of recoil). If you add accessories to them, they can become even more deadly, such as grips.

However, in global terms, the GROZA rifle could be considered the best in the whole game as it is the most powerful, offers a very remarkable range of fire, good cadence, speed of movement and more. The only downside is that it is rare to get as it only appears in supply boxes, but do not let it escape if you see it!

Best light machine guns

Between the Gatling and the M249 , it all depends on your tastes. Either one is going to give impressive firepower and support you if you see large groups of enemies together or want to give them a riot. Maybe the M249 is more manageable, but if what you want is to have bullets to stop a train, take the Gatling with its gigantic magazine.

Best Long Range Weapons 

On weapons for long distances , of course you have to consider sniper rifles . Although many assault rifles with good scopes are effective in this field, such as the AUG or the Woodpecker .

Best sniper rifles

The AWM sniper is a favorite due to its high damage, accuracy, and range. If you're comfortable with its cadence and reload time, go ahead with it. In case you are looking for something more balanced, without a doubt the KAR98K becomes an ideal option for long distances.

Other players also like to use the SVD Dragunov , an automatic rifle (although it only appears in air drops and supplies). On the other hand, if you want a certain high cadence, a great option is the sniper SKS semi-automatic .

Of course, if what you would like is to have a sniper to crush vehicles distant you see, then get the M82 , whose shots can penetrate armor and armor in a devastating way. 

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