Get Easy Money in Red Dead Online - Tips and Tricks

 We teach you how to earn money quickly and easily. You will need it, because the stores have raised their prices quite a bit for any object you want.

Get Easy Money in Red Dead Online - Tips and Tricks

Red Dead Online is quite stingy when it comes to rewarding us with money and the price of the products has increased considerably , so it is not easy to start the journey online. Although there is no expressly "quick" way to get money, there are more effective methods than others.

If you want to follow this method, you must bear in mind that it can alter the continuity of the story Red Dead Online , so if you are concerned about playing the story missions in order, you better use the traditional method.

How to Make money online
How to Make money online

Take advantage of matchmaking

The first thing is to complete the tutorial, something that will not take more than an hour. Then we are going to use a system similar to the one we used to get experience with Quick Join .

If you are lucky and do one of the advanced missions, you can get quite a lot of money soon . However, you have to keep in mind that you only receive the reward the first time , so it will soon cease to be an effective system to accumulate dollars. But at first it is practical. 

Selling fur and animals

In online mode hunting and selling skins will become the ABC of survival if you don't want to get into PvP . By hunting animals you will be achieving three things at the same time:

  • Skins and carcasses of animals . The main objective of this is to sell in the butchers of each city to get money constantly. It is an easy system and that can be done without stopping, just go to areas with deer and animals whose skins you can pile up without problems.
  • Experience . They will not give us large quantities but it will also be something constant and that we will do as we go.
  • You will get food . Since the objects are much more scarce in the online, many times you will find yourself short of food. If you hunt animals, butcher them and cook the meat as you get it (to make the most of the inventory limit), you will always have food, plus you can sell the excess that you have left.

Participate in PvP

This is for those who don't want to strain or break their heads especially. Take part in competitive multiplayer modes . Most of the games are quite fast and not only will you get experience , but you will also win some money.

They are not very large amounts , they range between $ 2 and $ 10, but it is an easy system and each game will only take you between 5 and 10 minutes.

Looting corpses

Killing enemies and looting their bodies is still an effective way to get money and items . Keep in mind that they will give you very little money , but the interesting thing is that you will get ammunition and some specific object. So even if you don't really make a lot of money, what you will be doing is spending a little less on supplies.

Where to spend the initial money?

One of the most interesting purchases is the sniper rifle ($ 360), since with this weapon we can obtain perfect skins to sell and more hunting meat. 

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