Get rupees fast in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

 We tell you what are the best ways to get many rupees quickly in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Put these methods into practice and get rich right away!

The money in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD accumulates in form of rupees , the classic currency of the saga. Throughout the game to progress smoothly you will want Link to have rupees in his pockets because there is a lot of equipment that can be purchased, either in Terry's Shop or in the Altarea bazaar. Even upgrades or potions cost money!

But don't worry, if you have doubts and are somewhat poor, here we tell you what are the best ways to quickly win many rupees in TLoZ: Skyward Sword HD. With these methods it will be easy for you to get rupees in no time. 

Collect rupees around the world

We started with the easiest and simplest method to get rupees. You just have to dedicate yourself to going around the world by doing the following:

  • Cutting all the grass you see.
  • Hitting vessels, boxes and other objects that can be smashed.
  • Breaking pumpkins in the orchards.
  • Rolling against the trunks of the trees.

In this way you can earn quite a few rupees in a short time almost without realizing it, as you progress through the story. Of course, it is not the fastest method to accumulate money, the rupees that are usually earned this way are the smallest (the green ones that are worth 1 or the blue ones that are worth 5, for example), but less gives a stone, right? 

In addition, this can be done infinitely , because when you leave and re-enter an area all the grass that you have cut is regenerated, that is, it is possible to repeat the process over and over again to earn rupees. This will come in handy especially early in the game, when you don't have as many methods at your fingertips to get rupees.

Collect rupees around the world

Also do not forget that on your travels through Celéstea, when you are riding on the pelican , you can also find birds that fly with 20 red rupees in their talons. If you hit them with a boost in mid-flight you can get their rupees. Also, when you get the gloves dig into the volcano Eldin , you can use them in mounds of dirt from many different places to try rupees out of them, sometimes enough of a single hole are achieved.

Equip yourself with medallions to increase the appearance of rupees 

Among the items that you can get in the adventure and that it is possible to carry equipped in your saddlebag there are some very useful such as medallions , and a couple of them are focused on increasing the amount of rupees you can get. Keep the following two in mind:

  • Rupee Medallion: Increases the frequency of rupees spawning when worn and equipped. It is achieved by activating the Divine Cube to the northeast of the Great Farone Tree and also activating the Divine Cube at the entrance to the Temple of Contemplation .
  • Evil Medallion: increases the frequency of appearance of rupees and treasures, although while you are wearing it equipped you will not be able to open the saddlebag. Awarded for delivering 30 Gratitude Gems to Batolo .

If you need to get rupees quickly, equip these two charms first. They come great especially to farm rupees around the world as we explained in the previous step.

Sell ​​treasures and insects to earn rupees 

Now let's move on to talking about one of the most reliable methods of earning rupees that some players may overlook. And it is that, if you do not know, it is possible to sell the treasures and insects that you get in the adventure (and that you do not need them, of course).

  • You can sell treasures: to Milo, the one from the utensil store, if you visit him at his house during the nights. Every night Milo buys 4 different types of treasures.
  • You can sell insects: to Vestro, in his room at the knights academy at night. Every night he buys 3 different kinds of insects.

The price that both Milo and Vestro pay for treasures and insects is variable and changes with each visit, but sometimes if you are lucky you can earn a big pinch of rupees, so it is highly recommended to visit them, especially if you have plenty of treasures. and insects that you do not get to use.

Remember that you can equip an Insect Medallion (purchased from Terry for 1,000 Rupees) and a Treasure Medallion (by activating the Divine Cube east of the Earthly Temple ) to increase the frequency of these items spawning so you have more to sell later.

It also doesn't hurt to add that at the bazaar Altárea store you can sell some utensils that you have excess or that you have repeated and that you are not going to use (such as a small bomb bag, a small saddlebag, etc).

Activate the divine cubes 

Activate the divine cubes

We have already mentioned in this post the divine cubes of Skyward Sword HD . They are the main collectible in the game and are found throughout all areas of the lower lands . These mysterious cubes that can be struck with a heavenly slash of our sword unlock divine chests all over Celéstea for us to open and earn juicy rewards.

There are 27 divine cubes in the entire game, and apart from the chests that will give you utensils to equip, many of them contain large amounts of rupees , such as silver rupees (of 100) or golden rupees (of 300). With which, it is worth activating all the divine cubes if you want to fill your bag with money.

Take part in the minigames and win rupees 

In Skyward Sword there are a few minigames available that are unlocked with the progress of the story or by certain methods and that are highly recommended if you want to earn rupees. The minigames that exist are the following (we have guides for each of them):

For example, if you're a bit lost, the Island minigame Bamboo Forest or Fortune Island are great opportunities to get a lot of rupees in no time . But undoubtedly one of the most profitable for making money is Holes and rupees , located in a secret cave in the Eldin volcano. The risk to pay is expensive, but the amount of rupees that can be obtained is also very high.

We warn that generally, entering these minigames has a cost , but if any of them are good for you, you will recover what has cost you more than enough (not to mention that sometimes just by playing you will already be obtaining as prize what it costs to participate in them).

Draw rupees on the divine walls 

Draw rupees on the divine walls

Finally, to finish, we do not want to overlook the divine walls that can be found in the game after completing Lake Faroria . You have a whole section of the guide dedicated to explaining how to find them and their locations. On these walls it is possible to draw symbols with our sword.

Well, if you come across one of the divine walls and draw the symbol of a rupee, you will be rewarded with a large amount of rupees at once. The better you draw the symbol, the more rupees will appear. Sometimes you can even earn silver rupees this way. As if that were not enough, the divine walls are available again after a while , so you can farm them one after another if you are short of money and need it urgently for some purpose.

How to increase the size of the bag? 

Let talk a moment of the pouch , the pouch in which the rupees you get saved. At the beginning of the adventure the bag will be quite small, only 300 rupees maximum. Luckily this size can be expanded and trust us, you will need it.

You can buy up to 3 extra bags from Terry's Shop (each costs Rs 100). With each additional bag, your maximum rupee space increases by 300 , up to a total of 900 if you buy all three available.

Besides that, throughout the game you can also get bigger zurrones through the mission of the gems of gratitude Batolo :

  • Medium Pouch: for delivering the first 5 gratitude gems to Batolo.
  • Large : Pouch for delivering 30 gems to Batolo.
  • Giant : Pouch for delivering 50 gems to Batolo.
  • Pouch of rich man: for delivering 80 gems to Batolo.

As you can see, as you give the gems to Batolo that he asks for, he will give you a bigger bag, so do not leave these secondary missions aside if you want to have enough space for your rupees. 

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