God Of War walkthrough - game guide

 Complete walkthrough of the God of War storyline (2018)

Marked trees

The adventures of the famous Spartan Kratos and his son Atreus originate in the forest, where we need to cut down a tree, then tie it to a boat and go home on it. On the spot, the heroes will conduct a certain ritual, and then go hunting deep into the forest. The necessary direction will often be set by Atreus, however, we are free to study the location for various resources, such as chopped silver - the key currency in the game. By the way, do not be afraid to miss something: in the future, we can safely return to previously explored locations. Having reached the destroyed bridge, we break the flimsy wooden structure with a throw of our Leviathan ax and jump over the abyss.

Soon we will face the first opponents in the game. Kratos has a classic set of techniques at his disposal: strong and weak attacks, dodge, defense and parry with a shield, and, of course, ax throws. Having dealt with the opponents, we will come to a kind of crossroads. Atreus will lead us to the left, but first you should go straight. Having broken the barrier on the spot, behind it we will find a sarcophagus, closed with three seals. To open it, in the room you need to find and break three statuettes with the same symbols as on the sarcophagus. We find the first next to him, the second will lie in an open stone coffin on the left, and the third - near the steps in the corner of the room. After taking the contents of the sarcophagus, we continue to follow Atreus.

Soon we will come to a certain temple. Having reached the main hall on the spot, we notice in the middle of the chain, which opens the main passage. We pull it down, and then, without letting go, we throw the ax into the large gear above the door. Then we step forward, return the Leviathan and go outside, where we again follow Atreus. Ultimately we will overtake our prey, but the successful end of the hunt will be overshadowed by the appearance of the first boss in the game - the troll Deidi Keympadr. The enemy is quite clumsy and at first will use only a couple of blows, from which it is most convenient to dodge to the left. However, at certain moments, he will begin to perform a series of sweeping blows, simultaneously pouring fire on everything, so at these moments it is worth keeping your distance. By lowering his health to a minimum, we can apply the signature Spartan finishing move. 

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God Of War walkthrough - game guide

After defeating the troll, we leave the arena and move forward. Having overcome soon another batch of enemies, we notice large doors closed with a large glass lock. We will learn to open these so-called secret rooms later in the story, therefore, for now, we just remember its location. Next, we climb up, where, after the next squad of opponents, we go down to the house, throwing off a bunch of logs that blocks the passage. After some time, a strange stranger will appear on the threshold of our shack, who suddenly turns out to be the second boss. The battle with him will take place in several stages, however, in terms of battle tactics, no significant differences are expected. The intruder carries out a short series of strikes, easily caught by a counterattack, as well as two techniques that cannot be blocked: a powerful strike against the ground, creating an ice wave, and a dive from the sky. After defeating him, Kratos will return to the house, and then the father and son will begin their journey to the mountain.

The path to the mountain

After leaving the house, we step to the crevice formed during the battle with the stranger, where we first pass along a narrow ledge, and then climb up to the cave, grabbing the crack. Having reached it, the first thing we do is put Atreus on the platform on the right side. Next, we lower the bridge by scrolling the wheel that is next to it. After waiting for the boy to reach the chain, we give the signal to throw it down, after which we throw the ax into the gear and climb up the chain. Having left the cave, having climbed up the cracks, we will soon come out to the edge of the wild forest. A little later we will stumble upon a chest (you cannot skip it), where we will find a stone of a weak runic attack for our ax. Having installed it in the inventory and tested it, we can go further.

As a result of some subsequent events, the heroes find themselves among the hordes of enemies. Having overcome them, we grab onto the newly formed crack and climb inside the next cave. On the way, we will meet a new enemy, a velva, which, before hitting with an ax, must first be stricken with shots from Atreus's bow. After defeating her, we will soon find ourselves on a spacious territory. There we step in the direction of the sarcophagus, which will be in a straight line. To move forward, the first step is to lower the bridge on both sides by throwing an ax. Next, we will again need to lower the bridge. To do this, we turn the wheel until the round partition connecting the chains is exactly opposite the hole in the lattice, through which we break it with an ax throw.

After some time, the heroes will be ambushed by the robbers. Having dealt with them, we put Atreus upstairs and wait for him to throw off the chain for us. Further we pass along the ledge, and then we follow the boy to the bridge. There we will meet the local blacksmith Brock, who will block our path. To go further, we throw the ax towards the birches on the right side. Having dealt with the opponents and familiarized yourself with the range of services from the blacksmith, then we open the gates by scrolling the chain and freezing the gear. So we find ourselves in the next catacombs, stuffed with traps. On the spot, we open the massive doors with stakes by throwing an ax into the non-metallic part in the upper right corner. Then, in the same way, we raise a huge trap, which we fix at the top by throwing an ax into the gear. Once under it, opponents will soon appear. Having dealt with them, we open the door with stakes in front of us and we get out.

There the heroes stumble upon a large round door, consisting of three revolving rings. To open it, it is necessary to combine the rings so that the symbols depicted on it fold correctly. To do this, first of all, we start the rotation by pulling the lever that is on the rock behind, and then we stop it with throws of the ax and at the right moments we reactivate the movement of the rings. After opening the door and going through the cave, the heroes will face another troll. Nearby we will find a familiar sarcophagus, but this time it will have to be unlocked in a different way. To do this, you need to activate three bells with symbols as quickly as possible by throwing an ax at them. The first two will be located next to the coffin, while the third we will find behind the waterfall. Then we pass another cave, the entrance of which is marked with a burning torch, and soon we meet a wild boar. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill him, we step after him. Ultimately, we will catch up with the animal and be able to shoot it, but the boar will soon run forward into the depths of the fog, where Atreus will rush alone. Having made his way through the veil, focusing on the spot on the burning torches, Kratos will catch up with the boy. He will not be alone, but in the company of a local witch named Freya, who will invite us to her home. On the spot, we will need to pick a white flower in the backyard, and then give Atreus his lost knife. Returning to the house, the witch will give us a compass that will indicate the direction of the current task, and at the same time will open access to the cave. There we sit on a boat and go to the local lake. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

On the spot, we notice a luminous statue in front, after studying which the World Serpent will appear on the stage. The giant's awakening led to the fact that the water level in the lake dropped significantly, therefore, various structures appeared on the horizon. At this stage, we need a bridge, to which we moor. Climbing upstairs, we will again meet the blacksmith Brock. Having received the opportunity to quickly move between the worlds, we leave the temple and move to the opposite side of the bridge. Having entered the next temple, we make our way forward, simultaneously deactivating poisonous traps with Leviathan's throws. Ultimately we will get to the surface, where we will meet another blacksmith, Sindri. Having improved his ax, we continue to move in the direction of the compass. After a while, the heroes will face an ogre. By lowering his health to a minimum, Kratos can ride a monster and control it for a while, scattering smaller enemies, damaging it along the way. Therefore, you should focus on the ogre first, ignoring simple opponents if possible. Having overcome the enemies, the heroes will finally get to the foot of the mountain. However, in order to dispel the dark magic blocking the path to the top, you first need to get the Light of Alfheim. Well, let's go after him.

Another world

As it is not difficult to guess, we will find the Light of Alvheim, in fact, in Alvheim - one of the nine worlds. You can get there through the temple that stands at the beginning of the bridge, so we go there, along the way following all the instructions of the witch, who very opportunely decided to help us. Ultimately, we will receive a special item with which the heroes will be able to move the bridge that connects the temple with other worlds. Having chosen Alvheim on the wheel, we are waiting for the transition to this world.

Alfheim's Light

So, the heroes find themselves in the world of elves. After going a little forward, we will stumble upon an obstacle in the form of strange pink tentacles. To break it, you need to throw an ax into the knot connecting its two halves. Soon there will be several tentacles that create an obstacle, so to eliminate it, you must cut them all at once. Having thus destroyed the obstacle that blocks access to the boat on the shore, we sit down in it and go to the Lake of Light. On the spot, first of all, we disembark at the nearest pier, where we find a bowl of sand. To draw the desired rune on it, you first need to get it out of the water. To do this, we go by boat to the next pier, which is located a little further in a straight line. As soon as the bridge leading to the desired point disappears, we turn the two wheels that are located at the edges of this platform. As a result, massive structures will appear from the water, which will form the necessary rune for a bowl of sand. Having returned to it and having drawn the necessary symbol, the heroes will go downstairs. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

There the heroes will be waiting for the next batch of opponents. Having dealt with them, we find the wheel in front, turning which we will lower the platform. We fix its position by throwing an ax into the gear and step to the door in front. On the spot in one of the chambers, we cut the pink tentacles and climb up. Having risen, at the same second the local leader of the elves will attack Atreus, who will drag the boy away. At this moment, we activate the rage mode, then we scatter the opponents on our side, and then we break the wall on the right side with our fists. Ultimately we will catch up with the villain, but he will be able to hide. Having dealt with the remaining elves, we step to the door. Then we pass the cameras and find ourselves on another site with platforms. After jumping down, we cut the tentacles, as a result of which a light bridge will appear. We pass along it, and then we climb up the crack in the wall. On the spot, we will find a large knot of local tentacles. However, before you can cut it, you first have to deal with the golem. The stone monster is invulnerable to all our attacks, except for throwing an ax into its open chest, from where it shoots a beam of light. Having hit right on target, the enemy will drop something like a grenade, which must also be thrown exactly at the opened heart. After repeating the procedure several times, the golem will be defeated.

Having dealt with the boss, we destroy the node, thus laying a light bridge and activating the elevator that is nearby. Climbing upstairs, we will find ourselves at the entrance to the Sacred Circle. Since the main door will be closed, we make our way there through the hole in the wall, which is located next to the forge on the right side. Having gone down, then we move forward until we come to the next node. After its destruction, bridges of light will reappear, which will soon lead us to another node. Ultimately, we will find ourselves near the dark elf hive, where the entrance will be blocked by many tentacles. We divide them into groups, after which we step inside.

Soon the heroes will find themselves directly in the hive next to the Light of Alfheim. Noticing the next node ahead, we destroy it, and then we make our way to the last one through the hordes of elves. As a result, the hive will be destroyed, so the heroes can easily pick up the item they are looking for. Going into the column of light, Kratos will plunge into visions, where we have to wander through the already explored places, as well as places that we have yet to visit.

Having returned back to reality, we will receive that very Light in our hands. Next, we approach Atreus, which will stand on the edge of the abyss, and give him light arrows. With the help of them, we will be able to create light bridges ourselves by shooting from a bow at blue crystals. After passing over the bridge and jumping down, we notice a crystal lying in front, which we set in a groove next to it. Further, we rise a little higher and we pass along the created bridge to the next platform. On the spot, we go around the large tentacles on the left side, where we activate the next light passage. After passing along it, we create a bridge directly under the tentacles, from where we can hit all three nodes. Then we rise back to the column of light along the crack, where we activate the next passage to the other side. Crossing there and climbing the steps, we will stumble upon a door closed by a wall of light. We discard the crystal hanging above it, after which we grab it and carry it up. In place, first we release the groove from the tentacles on the left side, then we install the crystal there, and then we put Atreus into a kind of ventilation that is located in the wall from which the light bridge originates. After the boy draws the necessary rune on the bowl of sand, the main door will open, which will lead us outside.

Once there, the heroes will attempt to get to the boat, but it will not work directly. Well, we go down on a nearby elevator, and then go out to a familiar location, which this time will have to be overcome in the dark. To get to the other side, you first need to pick up the crystal from the room, which is located in a straight line. There it will hang from the ceiling. Then we install it in the groove that is located near the entrance. Having finally reached the bowl with the elevator, the heroes will face the boss - the horned elf Svartalofurr, whom we have repeatedly met earlier. The enemy is easily caught during his offensive attack with a spear hitting the ground. It is also easy to reflect his combination of two simple punches. The boss presents the greatest danger during the second and third phases, when he shoots at his feet and leaves electrified mines near his position, hitting which the battlefield will plunge into darkness. At these moments, the elf begins to use his most painful technique - a dive from above. Therefore, try not to lose sight of him and, of course, do not fall under the mines. After the massacre of the enemy, we can safely leave Alfheim and get to the mountain in Midgard.

Inside the mountain

After the heroes dispel the black breath at the foot of the mountain, they can climb up. Having risen, we again use the Light of Alvheim, behind which we find a door leading directly into the mountain. On the spot we will go to a deer statue and a bowl of sand. To open the secret passage, we, as before, need to depict a rune. To do this, we turn into the passage on the left side, where not far from it we notice a crystal under the ceiling. Drop it down, place it in the groove to the left of the bowl, then activate both crystals with Atreus' arrows and pull the lever.

As a result, a secret passage will open on the right side. After passing through a dark, cramped cave, which, meanwhile, can be illuminated by activating the crystals, we will soon find ourselves in a more spacious cave. We move forward, following the direction of the compass, until we reach the mine. On the right side, near the entrance, we notice a wheel that controls the crane. At this point, Atreus decides to take the initiative, as a result of which the cable gets stuck in the rocks. Therefore, in order to get to the top of the mountain, you first need to free him. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

Soon, opponents will rush out of the cave in front of the eerie rumble. Having dealt with the enemies, we step there. There we will come out to a passage blocked by stakes. Removing them by throwing an ax into the mechanism, we move forward. As a result, we will find ourselves in another part of the mine, where our task is to move a huge minecar to the other side. To do this, move it forward to the door and stop it exactly opposite the passage from above (marked with a torch). Climbing there, we step forward and open the doors by pulling the chain. This way we can drag the mine cart to the part of the shaft with the crane. Having moved it to the desired side, we stop it opposite the platform on the left side next to the door. We jump onto the trolley, and from it onto the platform itself, after which we step directly to the large cobblestone, which blocks the cable.

Throwing a stone and jumping down, another troll boss will appear in the arena, only this time with ice attacks. This does not really change the essence, therefore, adhering to the proven scheme from the beginning of the game, we can easily deal with this threat. Having cleaned the territory, we turn the wheel, thus lowering the crane claw. We fix the position with a throw of the ax, then we roll the trolley up to it, climb on it, return the Leviathan and enjoy the ride.

As a result, we will become even closer to the top of the mountain, but the last part of the path will have to be covered on foot. Soon, the upward movement will be complicated by a new misfortune - fire traps. The classic jets of fire from the walls after a couple of steps will be replaced by a rotating pillar, which will need to be lowered by turning the wheel. Then we go forward, where we stand on the next lift. To start it, we throw off a huge stone standing at the edge, and when it gets stuck, we throw off the second one. Of course, a quiet trip upward is not expected, since the enemy will begin to fall from above directly to us. From time to time, the elevator will cling to the rocks. At these moments it is necessary to push the lift away from the wall.

And the matter will not be limited to just ordinary opponents. After a while, we will be accompanied by a dragon named Hreslir. At that moment, when he hooks on the elevator, we hit him on his huge paw, simultaneously blocking the bites with a shield. As a result of the scuffle that will unfold in the cutscene, we will make an emergency landing and continue on foot. Here we will be introduced to a new mechanic associated with red crystals. When faced with an obstacle in the form of a red resin, crystals should also be nearby, which explode on contact with electricity. They are also very conveniently attached to surfaces. Having studied the mechanics, we will soon get to the surface, where the heroes will decide to give the dragon a battle. Jumping onto his back and digging in his mouth, he will spit out Kratos into the arena, where a full-fledged battle will unfold.

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

So, the only winning tactic is provoking the dragon to attack with lightning. At these moments, it is necessary to throw red crystals at it. After two successful hits, the boss will collapse to the ground, exposing his vulnerable point - a split eyebrow above his right eye. After inflicting a certain amount of damage, the dragon will rise and change position. After knockdowns, he will only use bites and paws. Here you need to attack them a couple of times, simultaneously blocking shock waves with a shield and dodging bites. After receiving enough damage to the paws, Hreslir will start to strike with lightning again. Having dumped him for the last time, we give a signal to Atreus to lower the tap, after which we observe the enchanting massacre.

At the end of the battle, Atreus will receive shock arrows - with them we can explode red crystals. Climbing into another cave, we encounter an obstacle. First, we shoot at the crystal, destroying the obstacle below, and then we raise it by scrolling the wheel, and again we shoot at it. As a result, a stone will collapse - we climb up on it. The next obstacle on the way to the top will be the bridge. We lower it with the help of crystals, which we explode on both sides of it. Then we climb the wall and finally go out onto the path leading to the top of the mountain.

New target

After reaching the top of the mountain, the adventures of the heroes, unfortunately, did not end. Having designated the new ultimate goal in the form of a higher mountain, the first thing we need to do is revive the head of Mimir, a connoisseur of these worlds. To do this, we go to visit Freya. Going down the slope, activate fast travel, where on the map we select Brok's shop. After talking with the blacksmith, we step to the bridge, get into the boat and go to the witch's cave, which is located behind the statue of Thor.

On the spot, mooring to a small pier, we remove the obstacle with shock arrows and go up the elevator. At the top we go out to a wide well, from the bottom of which we get out directly to the Freya's residence.

After the heroes perform the ritual of resurrecting Mimir, we will need to return to the bridge. On the spot we go up the lift to the mountain, through which the head will kindly ask the World Serpent to move the bridge to the tower we need.

Magic cutter

So, in order to get to the highest mountain, we first need to get a cutter from a giant, whose corpse lies somewhere in the snowy lands. We get down to the boat and go on it to the statues of the rowers. After swimming a little forward, we land on the shore, where we open the gate leading to the place of death of the giant. Mooring in the snowy lands, we will soon find his body, or rather, his hand. On the ring we notice a red crystal, with the help of which we break the ice that enveloped our fingers. Next, we turn the ring to the left and again shoot with a shock arrow, after which we step into the formed passage.

We will soon find ourselves next to the giant's head. Having won the victory in a fierce skirmish with opponents, we rise along the chain to Sindri. Next, we free the passage by shooting three crystals that hang on tufts of hair, after which we go into the tower. On the spot, first of all, we deal with a new enemy, a knight, and then we free the passage in front by moving the stone. After a couple of acrobatic pirouettes, the heroes will get close to a giant hammer, which they need to throw down in order for it to break through the ice. Well, we swing the strap with the red crystal and shoot at it at the moment when it is near the ice. Soon the hammer will wobble a little, and we will be able to climb onto the strap. Having reached the top, we drop the belt down. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

Alas, the attempt to overturn the hammer was unsuccessful, so we need to climb onto it again. The path to his headband lies through the temple, the entrance to which is conveniently located nearby. On the spot we go into a room with a broken floor. On the right side there will be a narrow passage, blocked by boards, where Atreus can climb. When the boy gets to the bowl of sand, we have to solve the puzzle. To get the rune, you need to place the gold plates with the image of the seasons in the desired sequence. It looks like this: from left to right, autumn, summer, spring, winter. As a result, the floor will magically restore, and the heroes will be able to go upstairs. Since in this game we are never allowed to safely ride on these kind of lifts, we will very soon be attacked by enemies. Moreover, we need to reflect each wave in a certain time. In this situation, it is best to get rid of opponents by simply knocking them out of the elevator with heavy attacks. On the last wave, your attention should be paid first of all to the velva, since you cannot get rid of it in this way. The last obstacle during the trip will be two enemies on the balcony. Having got rid of them with the help of shock arrows fired into the crystals, we cling to a crack in the wall and get out.

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

As a result, we will finally get to the top of the hammer. Throwing it down, we will safely break through the ice and stand one step closer to the incisor. After a while, the heroes will find themselves in the dining room. On the spot, first of all, we shoot a shock arrow at the chandelier until the crystal falls out of it. Next, we successively throw it into three ice walls, through which silhouettes are visible. After we deal with the enemies that have been frozen, we climb onto the ledge and move forward.

Soon we will get to the incisor, but the sons of Thor - Modi and Magni - will stand in our way. And you will have to fight with two at once. Despite the pathos that the bosses exude, the fight with them will do without cunning tactics: we simply block their light attacks and dodge the heavy ones. The only caveat is that they need to inflict an equal amount of damage. In order for the battle to proceed to the next stage, it is necessary to bring the health value of both bosses to the same level. At this moment, the battlefield will plunge into darkness, and Kratos and Atreus, standing with their backs to each other, must repel the attacks of Modi and Magni. From us, it is necessary to guess the direction from which the enemy will come, and block the attacks in time. After repeating the procedure several times, the opponents will be defeated, and we can calmly pick up the desired item.

Under lock and key

With the help of the found cutter, the heroes can now unlock secret rooms, which we have repeatedly met before. Noticing this on the battlefield with the sons of Thor, we open it in a simple mini-game: we drive the cutter on the glass and hit it in the place where it starts to sparkle strongly. Behind the door we notice a rise upward, through which we get back to the dining room. There we find another door, unlocked with a cutter.

Soon we will come out to the hand of the dead giant. On the spot, we notice a wooden funicular, which is detached from the platform with a throw of an ax. He will safely slide down the cable to the right. We go to it and put Atreus there, after which we move the funicular in the opposite direction, turning the wheel that is on the left side. Next, we ask Atreus to throw off the chain for us, along which we then climb to the funicular, having previously stopped him with a throw of an ax. Having opened another secret door on the spot, we will soon go out to our boat, on which we go back to Lake Nine. Having reached the bridge, we go down to the lowest tier, where we will find the entrance to the storage of a certain Tyr. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide


As a result of some events that took place in the treasury of Tyr, Atreus will suddenly fall ill, and only Freya can heal him. Therefore, in a hurry, we leave the storage, get on the boat and go to the witch's house through the cave. On the spot, it turns out that the only medicine is in Helheim. But before going to the world of the dead, Kratos first needs to return home. There the hero will get a new weapon, which we can immediately use on ice opponents. Having dealt with them, we step to the point of fast travel, which is located nearby, from where we are transferred to Brok's shop. Next, we go to the table for choosing worlds and connect the bridge with the Helheim tower.

Soon we will find ourselves on an icy bridge that leads directly to the gates of the world of the dead. We make our way forward through the wanderers and thickets of bushes, using fiery blades, until we come out to the main entrance, which will be locked. The bypass path will be nearby - behind the bushes on the left side near the gate.

Once on the other side, we notice a black stone block surrounded by thickets. We get rid of them, climb onto the stone, bend around it, moving to the left, and then jump off. Further, having passed a little forward, we will stand on a small area, which will safely fall down. To get out of there, you need to remove the thickets that hold the lying stone column at the top on the left side.

Ultimately, we will enter the arena, where we have to fight the guardian of the bridge, which is a troll who owns teleportation. After defeating him, Kratos will get the medicine for Atreus, so we can safely return back. On the right side of the gate, we notice a stone that pours out turquoise light. Approaching it, our blades will receive a special ability - the ability to absorb Hel's winds and transfer them to metal balls, thus opening doors and launching various mechanisms.

As a result, we will return back to the table for choosing worlds, where we move to Midgard. Next, we go to the point of fast travel at the Brok's shop, from where we teleport to the witch's cave, to which we carry the found medicine.

Black fleece

After Atreus gets to his feet, we can go further. After leaving the witch's apartment, we sit down in the boat and again head to the entrance to the Tyr vault, which is located on Lake Nine. On the spot, we study the runes depicted on the wall near the bowl of sand, and wait for the platform to lower us down.

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

Thus, we go directly to the repository. Unfortunately, getting the item you are looking for, which is the Black Rune, will not work right away. First, we have to overcome the local defense system. Going out into the hall with a circular layout, rotating rings will appear in its center at the top, which hold the rune. On the outer ring we notice a point with Hel winds. We absorb them with blades and transfer them to a metal ball, which is located in the next room from the entrance on the right side. Soon a wheel will appear in place of the ball, opening the door in front. After overcoming the traps in the form of huge circular saws, we find ourselves in the next room with a metal ball. We open the door, which leads to the center of the hall with rings, from which we absorb the wind in the same way and transfer them to the ball. In its place, the wheel will reappear, which will open the passage to the last room with the ball. However, it will not be so easy with him.

Some difficulties will begin already at the stage of wind absorption, since it will be impossible to do it from below. Therefore, we notice a crack in the wall, along which we climb up. On the spot, first of all, we deal with the opponents, and then we first drop the chain down. Next, we absorb the wind from the balcony, go down the chain and charge the ball. If you try to use the wheel to lower the rings holding the Black Rune, Kratos will be trapped. To get out of it, we have to solve a puzzle. The task is simple - you need to place the symbols of the month, sun and Midgard in the correct sequence by pulling the corresponding levers. On the left there should be a month, on the right - the sun, Midgard is accordingly located in the center. So, pull the levers in the following sequence: left, right, center, left, center, center, right, center, right, center, right. As a result, Kratos will escape a painful death and gain access to the desired item.

Come back to the top

So, having in our hands the Black Rune and the magic cutter, we can now get to the highest mountain, the portal to which leads from the top where we found Mimir. The path to the mine, through which we got there earlier, will be similar, but directly in the catacombs, the route will change somewhat. Having reached the main mine, we find that all the main lifts were destroyed during the fight with the dragon, so we are looking for an additional one. It is located on the left side of the secret door located at the end of the mine (it will be covered with thickets). Having risen, we deal with the enemies, after which we will enter the arena, where we have to fight the golem, which we have already met earlier. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

Soon we will enter the trail leading to the summit. Having reached, with the help of the cutter, we open the portal, which will send us to the final goal of the entire journey. However, the appearance of our old friend will spoil the plans of the heroes, as a result of which Kratos will be forced to fight the villain right on the back of another dragon. The player is required here minimal actions: being in a position on top, we violently beat the enemy, and after changing the position we block a series of blows and dodge powerful single attacks. Ultimately, everyone will be transferred to Helheim, from where the heroes have to find a way out.

Leave Helheim

To get out of the world of the dead, the heroes need to get to the ship, which can be seen in the distance at the pier. Noticing a crack on the wall, we climb it. Soon we will descend from the boulder, where we will bury ourselves in the door, the lock of which is opened by Hel's winds. We free the wind trap from the thickets, absorb the energy and transfer it to the left ball, after which we freeze the mechanism with an ax and transfer the wind to the neighboring ball.

After covering some distance, the heroes will soon come to the ship. On the spot, we set fire to the thickets with our blades, and then we release the sails by scrolling the wheel that is located next to the steering wheel. After a while, the ship will collide with an iceberg. To continue moving, we step to the bow of the ship and with an ax unhook the sails from this point, after which we turn the wheel again. Sudden stops will not end there, as the ship will stop again, catching on the bridge of the tower, which is located on the right side. We remove it with the help of the wheel located next to the bridge itself, after which we climb up the tower on the platform, which will have to be lifted manually by throwing an ax. Above we remove another bridge, only now with our own hands from the deck of the ship.

Of course, a calm sailing does not promise the heroes, and very soon opponents will attack the ship. Throughout the trip, we have to defend the ship, not allowing enemies to put out fires and throwing giant hooks off the deck in time. Having successfully defended the ship, the heroes will find themselves in the secret palace of Odin, where they will receive a new next target.

The road to Jotunheim

Having rummaged in Odin's palace, the heroes will find another way to get to Jotunheim. First of all, we need to return to Midgard, since the movement table will be located directly under Odin's chambers. Further, in Brock's shop, we create a special key, after which we go to the secret room of Tyr, which is located on the lower level of the bridge. Soon we will come to a bowl of sand, where in front is a position from which you can turn the temple. However, first you need to free him from the chains. After reading the rune that is depicted on the statue next to it, we go downstairs. On the spot, on both sides, we notice two doors leading to the chains. Having chosen first the right door, we pass the first section with traps, stopping the second block with stakes with the help of an ax. We overcome the next dangerous zone with the help of a red crystal - we explode it, attaching it to the grate on the floor, where the first block with stakes is lowered. As a result, we will be able to jump on it, and then, as if by steps, go down. Ultimately we will come to the first chain, which we safely remove, and then move on to the next. 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

There will be similar obstacles, with the only difference that instead of blocks with stakes there will be circular saws. To overcome the first section with traps, it is necessary to stop one saw after another, thereby placing them on the same level. We pass the next section in a similar way - we move the energy of Hel's winds so that the saws begin to move synchronously, thereby freeing the passage.

After removing both chains in the end, we turn over the temple, after which we climb up and enter the hall of movement between the worlds. There we will find a certain Stone of Unity that will help us get to Jotunheim.

Between the worlds

So, having obtained the Stone of Unity, it is time to apply it. To do this, we step to the nearest point of fast travel, where we will find ourselves on a familiar path. However, this time we step to the cliff, which is located on the right side, and safely jump down. On the spot, we notice the tower of Jotunheim ahead. Once inside, we insert the Stone of Unity into a special groove, after which we go through the so-called test of the worlds, the essence of which is to survive several waves of opponents. Having successfully defeated all the enemies, we will soon find ourselves in Midgard again, from where we can move directly to Jotunheim.

Jotunheim is open 

God Of War walkthrough - game guide

Unfortunately, the attempt to draw the bridge to Jotunheim across the travel table will not be crowned with success, therefore the heroes need to get one more item - the second eye of Mimir, which is located inside the World Serpent. Well, we go up to the forge on the bridge and kindly ask the giant to let us into it. As it is not surprising, but he will not mind, therefore we sit down in the boat and swim straight into his mouth. After sailing some distance ahead, we moor to the pier (yes, there is a pier there). On the right side, we notice a crane, which we turn in our direction with a throw of an ax, after which we fix its position. Next, we break the boards that block access to the ledges on the wall, and climb along it, after which we jump to the platform that holds the crane, and return the ax. On the spot we find the eye of Mimir in the chest, and then we step back.

As a result of some certain events, we will again face the main villain. Fortunately for the last time. The fight with him will be quite lengthy, and it will be divided into several stages. Each phase, in fact, changes the form of the boss - at first he will appear in his usual guise, after that he will take the form of cold, then fire, and then he will start alternating them right in the course of the battle. Therefore, our main task is to adapt to the required phase in time by choosing the appropriate weapon. Otherwise, the boss will not throw up any special problems, since all his melee attacks do not even need to be counterattacked - it is enough just to block. And various magical attacks are visible from a mile away, so it's not very difficult to dodge them.

Mother's Ashes and the Way Home

With all the obstacles behind them, Kratos and Atreus can finally reach the highest mountain. After defeating the boss, we sit down in the boat, on which we get to the table for moving between worlds. Having chosen Jotunheim on the spot, we are transported to the world of giants, where the final revelations await us. After completing the key objective of the game, the end credits will begin, but the adventure will not end there. To see the real ending, we need to go home. 

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