God of War Walkthrough Tips

 Eight tips for those just starting their adventures with Kratos and his son.

God of War Walkthrough Tips

As expected, God of War of 2018 turned out to be a game completely different from its predecessors, becoming an order of magnitude more difficult in a number of aspects. An integrated combat system, open ornate locations, a progression and crafting system - all this is absolutely new for the series. Therefore, we have prepared some tips that you should know before starting the game.

Forbidden Chests

God of War (2018) does not go around the bush and almost immediately throws us into the vastness of its vast world. It may not be open, but there is exactly where to turn around. Therefore, in the beginning it is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of looking under every stone in search of useful items, since the appetizing appearance of the chests is scattered even at the starting locations. However, we will get access to many of them much later, when the heroes acquire a number of special skills and devices. In order not to waste time trying to get to the chests that require a special approach, check out the following list of objects that will be next to them: 

  • blue crystals,
  • red crystals and resin,
  • thickets of bushes,
  • metal balls (with and without light).

Ignore secret rooms

Similar advice to the previous one. Having stumbled upon the so-called secret rooms while exploring the locations - large doors closed with a glass lock - just pass by. We will get access to them strictly according to the plot, approximately in the last third of the game.

Silver and experience points are enough for everything

In the process, the heroes receive so much silver and experience points that they will be pumped to the maximum long before the end of the game. And this is provided that the player will ignore most of the chests scattered across locations, as well as additional quests. So don't hoard them - there will still be a surplus at the end.

Don't buy armor

And although there is more than enough chopped silver in the game, at the beginning of the adventure it is worthwhile to spend it responsibly. And buying armor in the shops of blacksmiths at this stage will be superfluous, since you can find good armor yourself by studying the locations. Therefore, the best investment of resources at the beginning of the game will be upgrades for Kratos 'ax and Atreus' bow.

One Hit Killed - Come Back Later

This is a classic rule that all RPG fans know. If the oncoming enemy kills Kratos with one or two hits, then this signals an insufficient level of development of the hero. Of course, you can try to get out of this situation as a winner, but the least painful option is to pump a little, and only then come back.

Diversify your battles

Do not forget that the new God of War is primarily an action game, the essence of which lies in spectacular battles. Therefore, change runic attacks more often and buy new combo attacks, even if it will go to the detriment of some characteristics. Kratos' updated choreography, coupled with beautiful special effects during battles, more than compensate for this shortcoming.

Remember Atreus in battles

When rushing after a particularly agile enemy in a burst of fierce battle, do not forget about Atreus, whose arrows are an excellent means of distracting and slowing down such enemies. And at the later stages of pumping the bow, it will begin to inflict quite tangible damage, comparable to the throws of Kratos' ax, so it is recommended not to spare experience points on Atreus's skills.

Check out the bestiary often

After killing a new enemy, Atreus will add him to the bestiary of his journal. Do not be lazy and read the information about the encountered enemy, which says how to defeat him more effectively. 

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