Guide to get the swords in Terraria


Guide to get the swords in Terraria

In the wonderful world of Terraria you will find endless essential objects to start a game and survive in the different areas of this title. Among the most important objects are accessories, tools, armor and weapons . The latter are one of the most relevant elements.

Swords are a type of weapon used by warriors, and you get the first one when you first start the game . This type of sword is the most basic, however it is very useful for your character to advance. Also, as you progress, you can get other swords.

Next, we will explain how you can get more of these objects, quickly and easily. 

Reasons to get swords in Terraria

Reasons to get swords in Terraria

Many are the benefits that swords guarantee; With this type of weapon you will be able to face and defeat monsters and enemies, survive in certain areas of the worlds in Terraria, as well as have a good time in PvP, among other actions; which makes them essential to enjoy and obtain many achievements .

Next we will tell you which are the most special swords , what they are for and how you can get them in this video game, so that you can face the Terraria bosses without so much trouble.

How to get the broken hero sword in Terraria

This sword is an item available in the game's hard mode, which is useful for creating more powerful swords. However, it cannot be used as a weapon , but as a key element to develop others.

The broken hero sword, in all its versions, is left by the monsters or enemies of the Solar Eclipse , these are: Frankensteins and Swamp Thing with a 0.4% probability, the Moth mini-boss that usually appears once you have defeated Plantera or the mechanical bosses with a 24% and 43.45% probability respectively.

How to get the enchanted sword in Terraria

This melee weapon is available in the title's normal mode; when used, it launches as a kind of projectile according to the direction of your cursor ; This will not consume ammo or mana, so it is ideal for hitting a block or enemy and thus moving in a linear direction. Although, its only limitation is that it presents a bit of cooling

Both the sword and the projectile produce a good amount of light particles. On the other hand, the beam emitted by the projectile will be slowed down just when it is in contact with some liquid such as little water or a lot of honey and lava.

Presents as best modifier, the legendary. In addition, you can obtain it after destroying an element of the environment in Terraria which appears in the caves and in the Sanctuary of the enchanted sword . In the sanctuary, you must first find a fine crack in the ground where a stone is housed that has a protrusion from the hilt of said sword.

Once the crack is found, you will have to make several trips to the sanctuary if so, until you get the real sword . This has a 98% probability. Instead, the other way to obtain the enchanted sword is by opening a titanium case or a gold case, which has a probability of 2%. The whole process to get the enchanted sword also refers to the sword in the stone of King Arthur.

How to get the Excalibur sword in Terraria

Excalibur is a type of sword from the hard mode of the game with a 4% critical attack percentage; It is considered the strongest in Terraria compared to the others, and is created from 12 sacred ingots, which are left by one of the 3 mechanical bosses, with the anvil in hard mode.

This is an automatic sword that leaves flashes of light when used, so it is useful in subfloors since it provides lighting and good recoil. In addition, it is useful for creating the improved version of this own weapon , that is, the True Excalibur and also for crafting the Terra Blade.

It has an excellent legendary modifier and a very curious fact about this sword, is that its name was inspired by the classic history of the Excalibur that King Arthur possessed . However, this sacred weapon is not taken from a rock as in the legend of the sword of the gods, but is made from sacred ingots.

There is a monster known as Enchanted Sword, found in the underground blessing and has the same qualities of the Excalibur , but with an aura of blue color around its outline and a base damage superior to that of the sword itself.

How to get the Zenith sword in Terraria

This type of melee weapon, also known as Zenith, is considered to be one of the strongest in Terraria . Obtained from Lord of the Moon on Hard Mode. At the time of use, it will automatically launch, with a single right click on the mouse, the swords that comprise them in addition to the sword itself and they will be projected as close to the cursor and in an oval boomerang-like direction.

In turn, this launch will go through the walls and, therefore, form arches and illuminate the places where they pass to finally attack the enemy. However, this will only occur for certain swords . Three are usually thrown; the first is the zenith and the other two will depend on its components and these two extras will self-correct their trajectory so that their launch is as close to the enemies or monsters.

The zenith sword is one of the most complex weapons to make, for this it requires approximately 16 base objects ( terra blade, meowmere, star wrath, waver influence, the rider's sword, eedler, starfury, bee keeper, enchanted sword, sword short of copper, anvil of mythril or orichalcum ) plus the mobile and shield of cruz ansata.

In addition, for its creation it is important to defeat the 3 mechanical bosses, the Pumpkin King and Plantera, at least once, and the Lord of the Moon must be defeated about twice. A fun fact is that the additional swords, as well as the reflections of the zenith sword, do more damage than the zenith itself.

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