Guide to the Sultanate of Delhi in Age of Empires 4

 Analysis of all the unique abilities, units, features and attractions of the Sultanate of Delhi

The Sultanate of Delhi in Age of Empires 4 is one of the most difficult factions in the game, which received a 3/3 rating. It is a defensive civilization focused on exploration. They don't have any unique mechanics like the Mongols or the Abbasid dynasty, except for one single moment. Otherwise, they play the same way as other civilizations.

So, the key feature of Delhi is technology. In a dark age, the Sultanate of Delhi gains access to scholars. This happens through the mosque, which is available from the very beginning of the game. In addition, this civilization can research all technologies in the game for free, but each one takes time to complete. Scientists can speed up the process in the same way that a Chinese official increases the economic profit of buildings.

Scientists only apply their research bonus if they are in a garrison building, and technicians can increase efficiency by allowing them to place buildings that they were previously unable to build. For example, barracks. Other buildings built within the mosque's range can also gain a research speed boost depending on how many scientists are garrisoned in the mosque itself.

Guide to the Sultanate of Delhi in Age of Empires 4

The Sultanate of Delhi's addiction to defense stems from the fact that infantry units can build defensive structures with their own hands. This includes palisades, walls and outposts. Thanks to this, you can focus the economy on something else, and already in the early stages of the game you will be well protected.

The Sultanate of Delhi also receives a powerful war elephant as a unit for the later stages of the game, but until then, you need to keep an eye on the scientists and their bonuses. Using free access to technology will focus the economy on the transition to new eras, as well as create a significant army that will defend their native lands.

The last and most significant bonus is the increased yield from berry bushes, if there is a mill nearby, which turns this place into orchards. The Sultanate of Delhi is another Islamic civilization that cannot hunt wild boars, but is able to use other food sources.

Attractions of the Sultanate of Delhi

Note that the epoch in parentheses tells you what time frame you can go if you build this landmark.

  • Victory Tower (second era) - a military landmark. Permanently increases the attack speed of melee and ranged units by 15%. Affects those units that are in the range of the building.
  • The Dome of Faith (Second Era) is a religious landmark. Allows you to hire scientists at half price.
  • Defense courtyard (third era) - a defensive attraction. Allows infantry to build stone defenses and reduces stone cost for buildings and emplacements by 25%.
  • The House of Learning (third era) is a technogenic landmark. It does not provide bonuses, but it provides access to a large number of unique technologies.
  • Khizar Academy (fourth era) - constantly produces food depending on the number of technologies researched.
  • Sultan's Palace (fourth era) - Automatically produces tower war elephants and can garrison up to four scientists to increase recruitment speed.

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