Halo Infinite: How to Get Fracture Samurai Armor: Tenrai


Halo Infinite: How to Get Fracture Samurai Armor: Tenrai

With the arrival of the first season of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, Fracture: Tenrai also lands , the first great free event of the many that we will see now that the Master Chief shootings have gone free-to-play.

Featuring a dedicated playlist for Assassin mode, the Fracture: Tenrai event is actually on everyone's lips thanks to its top prize for completing it, spectacular samurai armor .

How to get the Halo Infinite samurai armor

The first thing you should know is that you do not have to do anything special to start harvesting prizes in this special event, but we must hurry to get them all before the event gives way to the next one on November 30 .

Does that mean that if I haven't gotten the armor I won't be able to do it anymore? Not at all, from 343 Industries they have already said that the event will return several times over time, so there is no need to burn the game for the next six days to get all the pieces.

The idea of ​​the event is to level up the same as we would in the Battle Pass, with the particularity that here all the prizes are free and you do not have to go through the checkout to get the long-awaited armor and its special pieces.

To do this, we must complete challenges that guarantee us the necessary experience to reach the 30 rewards of the event, a series of experience boosters and exchange of challenges that, together with the armor pieces and samurai armor , will allow us to climb positions faster.

How to level up faster in Halo Infinite

The only way to artificially speed up the process is to acquire the Battle Pass to access a fourth challenge that will be renewed each time we complete it, but beyond that, the key to farming experience in Halo Infinite is reduced to playing based on the challenges available. 

If one of them chokes you or belongs to a game mode that is not particularly fun for you, the idea of ​​challenge exchanges is that you can get rid of them without too much trouble. Between that, experience multipliers, and a good afternoon of vice, you're sure to get the easy samurai armor before you know it. 

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