Halo Infinite: Ranking System - How It Works

 Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode has a ranking system. We reveal how it works and what makes it different from normal matches.

Halo Infinite: Ranking System - How It Works

How does the ranking system work in Halo Infinite?

In Halo Infinite, you can compete with other players at your level in competitive, ranked games . In addition, the ranked matches receive certain modifiers, but more on that later.

You start a ranked game by clicking on “ Ranked Arena ” in the multiplayer menu . There are three different leaderboards in Halo Infinite: cross-platform, mouse and keyboard, and controllers.

If you want to play in the cross- platform ranking , select the item “Open” under “Ranking game queue”: In this ranking, controller players compete with mouse and keyboard players.

If you only want to play with controller users or only with mouse and keyboard users in the ranking list, select “Solo / Duo” under “Ranking game queue” and then under “Input” either “Controller” or “Keyboard / Mouse ” .

Each of these three ranking lists remains to itself, this also applies to the progress you make in the respective ranking lists - this cannot be transferred to another ranking list.

How do I qualify for the leaderboard and how many ranks are there?

In order to be included in one of the three ranking lists, you must first play ten placement matches, the outcome of which decides in which rank you will be classified. The ranks in Halo Infinite are :

  • Bronze 1-6
  • Silver 1-6
  • Gold 1-6
  • Platinum 1-6
  • Diamond 1-6
  • onyx

You start each rank at the lowest level. For example, if you are classified in silver after the placement matches , you must first work your way up the six silver ranks before you can move up to gold 1.

Which game modes & maps are there in ranked games?

Four different modes on six maps await you in the ranked games :

  • Oddball : streets, charging, combat exercise,
  • Showdown : Aquarius, streets, charge, combat exercise, bazaar
  • Capture the Flag : Behemoth, Bazaar, Aquarius,
  • Fortresses : roads, charging, combat training
However, you cannot choose a mode or a map yourself, Halo Infinite will randomly determine both the game mode and the map for the next game.

What is the difference between ranked matches and normal multiplayer games?

In contrast to normal matches, special rules are used in ranked games :

  • All players start with a BR78 combat rifle
  • Friendly fire is activated (you can damage your teammates)
  • Mini-map is disabled
  • Grenade hits are not displayed
  • Items always spawn in the same places

What rewards do I get for moving up the rankings?

At the moment there do n't seem to be any special rewards for the rankings promotions. Only ascents in the Battle Pass bring you new skins, name tags, talismans and Co.

We will update the article if there are any special rewards for the ranked matches in the future .

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