Halo infinite: these 13 tricks, myths and crazy things will help you sweep the multiplayer and give your enemies a lethal scare


Halo infinite: these 13 tricks, myths and crazy things will help you sweep the multiplayer and give your enemies a lethal scare

Halo Infinite multiplayer has ranked the return of the Master Chief among the best of 2021. It is hilarious, exciting and totally free , but it is also full of secrets and curiosities that lend themselves to crazy experiments. And what is more important: these results can be applied to competitive games. Today we are going to talk to you about 13 of these crazy things.

The Bottom Line: Although Halo Infinite's multiplayer is highly polished and offers maps and modes so you don't get bored, the version currently available is a beta . The final version is expected to arrive with the launch of the campaign, so many of these experiments may undergo changes in the future.

From here, and once we have passed through the Academy (and even got the hang of the brutal possibilities of displacement of the hook) we turn to the Defend the House channel, true experts when it comes to testing and verifying myths and crazy physics in games like The Legend of Zelda, Red Dead redemption , Death Stranding and, for a few days -how could it be less- Halo Infinite.

The Defend the House team has spent hours squeezing the infinite possibilities of the new shooter from Xbox Game Studios and comes to very interesting conclusions. Most of which, by the way, are worth taking into account to sweep in multiplayer , save yourself for the minimum or give your enemies a good scare.

Without further ado, here are 13 Halo Infinite multiplayer tricks, tips, and trivia:

1. Skewer missiles can be propelled by Spartans' shuttles

The idea is simple: the same platform that serves to propel you on the battlefield acts as a shuttle for missiles. A very useful resource for intimidating, raining down destruction and, with a bit of luck and a lot of precision, giving an enemy a great scare.

2. Try redirecting, projecting and returning missiles and grenades with the warhammer

Returning bullets and hits with the deflector has become one of the essential and most valuable resources of Halo Infinite, but did you know that you can also use the hammer to hit and deflect projectiles?

Tremendously powerful, the warhammer has an Achilles heel - it only works at relatively short distances. Luckily, we will not be exposed to the shots and projectiles: we will be able to hit them as if they were baseballs. Of course, it controls the loads well.

3. You can survive a missile from the Skewer if you switch weapons in a precise instant

Do you believe in luck? Skewer missiles without a one-way ticket to the match spawn area. Dodging them is essential, of course. However, with enough skill you can disable the shot: when you drop a weapon to make the change, the projectile will hit without exploding on the one we release. If we finish off with a quick counterattack we will have had a perfect play.

4. Two grenades can stick together when colliding in midair

That this happens is highly unlikely, but the possibility is there: if two Spartans "exchange" grenades in the middle of combat, there is a possibility that both will stick together. And what is more curious, one of them will drag the other. Keep this in mind when making assaults.

5. If an enemy throws a Fusion Container at you: Catch it before it drops!

Few things are more annoying than having a melt container blasting in your face during a quick game. Now, if you are not caught by surprise and you see your enemy coming within a league, get closer, catch him on the fly and give him back. Tit for tat.

6. Falling supplies and weapons are not lethal. Keep that in mind

It has happened to all of us who have played Big Team Battle: the supplies are falling and we move away at a safe distance so as not to take the impact. However, as they have seen in Defend the House, it is neither lethal nor harmful. Get ready to receive a new arsenal with open arms!

7. You can get shot if you stand under the doors of the shelters while they are closing, and that gives a lot of play

A very spectacular resource: in some scenarios we will see automated gates. The funny thing here is that - unlike other shooters - instead of crushing us, if we place ourselves at the limit of the closure we will be instantly propelled a huge distance.

Although the closing process is something to take into account, this phenomenon serves both to move around and to escape and even take crazy initiatives. And yes, in case we have the enemy flag we will drastically cut the distances.

8. A Moto Brute becomes "lunar gravity" if we stun it

The gravity and the effects of stunned and corrosion of the shields have a very special role in the multiplayer of Halo infinite, and if we combine them well they give a lot of play. If we use a stun grenade we can generate enormous damage, but what if we use it on a Moto Brute? Things get fun.

9. The giant cannons of the Forerunners and Outcasts are not lethal. Keep that in mind

When playing in the Big Team Battle you will see two types of large cannons scattered around the stages that fire periodically. The bad news is that they are totally decorative and their rays are a simple play of light.

The good news is that not everyone has dedicated themselves to checking it. Take advantage of this when surrounded in hostile territory to leave a couple of enemies behind and not follow you or take advantage of it to surprise them and give them a lethal scare while they watch how you expose yourself to the shot.

10. You can no longer eliminate a grenade in the air with one shot, nor can you fine-tune the shot

No matter how good your aim is, the only thing that will make the grenades explode in the air is their timer. Even with homing projectiles. Save the ammunition and, already put, keep it in mind when launching yours. Because if there is one thing that we will be well served in Halo Infinite, it is grenades.

11. If you suspect that your weapon is about to explode: drop it!

As discussed above, the stun effect is one of the most dangerous resources in Halo Infinite. Not only does it serve to control areas or deplete shields, but it can make our weapons explode right under our noses. Literally. Luckily, there is a relatively simple solution that is not usually reached hot: if you let it go in time, you will live to tell the tale. You have a small chance of escaping the dreaded respawn.

12. Your own Skewer missiles cannot take you out if they return from a long-range bounce

We started by talking about the curious effects of the Skewer projectiles and how to take advantage of them in the shuttles, but did you know that they do not harm the person who shoots them if the distance is long? In Defend the House they have returned missiles launched hundreds of meters and the effect when returning is not very different from being touched by a drop of rain. In other words: aim and shoot at will with this beast.

13. The Pelican D79 is literally indestructible

Save the bullets - you can't destroy Pelican D79 . Not even if you run a tank over them. What's more, in Defend the House they have tried it. And the same applies to any vehicle that is being transported by it. If you want to sabotage the unloading of a ship or transport, you will have to wait for it to come off.

On the other hand, that makes Pelicans perfect shields. Something to keep in mind when battles take place dozens of meters above the ground.

And this is just the beginning

These 13 tips and tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. Like any good competitive game, Halo Infinite's multiplayer is straightforward to understand, but it takes time and extra curiosity to master. In any case, the arrival of the Forge mode will skyrocket their possibilities and we are fully aware that Defend the House will continue to investigate new ways to make the most of the most ambitious and anticipated shooter from Xbox Game Studios.

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