Halo Infinite The top 5 best weapons in multiplayer

 Just in time for Xbox's 20th birthday, Microsoft released Halo: Infinite's multiplayer - completely free of charge. To get you off to a good start, we'll show you the best weapons for battling other players.

Halo Infinite The top 5 best weapons in multiplayer

What are the best weapons in Halo Infinite?

There is no class system in the classical sense in Halo Infinite. You can't just equip yourself with the best weapons in the game and go hunting for points. Rather, you have to find most of the weapons that are spread across the map. Alternatively, you unbutton them from defeated enemies.

A little tip in advance: Your AI can scan the area and mark weapons and other useful equipment. By default, you press the Z button on the PC or the control pad down on the Xbox controller. This makes it easier for you to find the best weapons. Here are the top 5 strongest guns in the arsenal:

5th place - MA40 assault rifle: The MA40 is arguably the most iconic weapon in the Halo universe and is also one of the best weapons in the game in Infinite. The assault rifle is particularly effective at short to medium distances, while other weapons are more suitable for longer distances. It is better to shoot in volleys than to pull the trigger permanently and always aim at the head to benefit from the bonus damage. Since the MA40 is standard equipment in many modes, you should use it often.

  • 4th place - Mangler: The Mangler is a type of heavy revolver with a scatter shot. Three hits are usually enough to take down an enemy and that makes them one of the best weapons in the game. However, you should rather use the Mangler as a second weapon for close combat. This secondary weapon is not particularly effective at great distances.

  • 3rd place - BR75 combat rifle: The BR75 shoots bullets in a three-shot volley. Thanks to the visor, you can easily target and kill enemies at medium to long distances. Due to the burst of fire, the BR75 is very precise and can even be useful when shooting from the hip in "1-on-1". Getting headshots with the volley rifle should also be easier for you.

  • 2nd place - MK 50 Sidekick: A true classic! Unlike in many competitive games, the pistol in Halo Infinite is one of the best weapons ever. When using the MK 50 Sidekick you only need a quick finger on the trigger, then the pistol is effective at all distances. Instead of reloading, you should always switch to this secondary weapon that you have with you in almost all modes. The MK 50 Sidekick always fires from the hip.

  • 1st place - VK78 Commando: Which is the best weapon for you depends, of course, on your playing style. The VK78 Commando, however, should cause a lot of kills in the hand of every player. Although you only shoot individual bullets, this rifle is fully automatic and still offers you a high rate of fire. The visor also offers you a good opportunity to take down enemies at greater distances. From the hip, you get a head hit in abundance. Always keep an eye on the magazine, the small amount of ammunition is the only disadvantage of this weapon.
  • Not to be underestimated - the needle thrower: The good old needle thrower should not be missing in a list of the best weapons, but as always it is only partially effective. The needle thrower is strongest against mobile targets and as you know from Halo, hardly any player stands still. The projectiles of the weapon follow your opponents easily and detonate after a short time. Whenever you see a needle thrower, pick one up!

So you can try out all weapons

In Halo Infinite there are several ways in which you can try out all weapons once. Either you start a user-defined game with your own rules against bots or you select the "Academy" in the main menu. There is a training mode and weapon drills here. There are multiple shooting range challenges for every weapon available. Here you can try out all rifles and pistols in peace.

These are the best weapons as of the very first season, which was extended to March 2022. The meta around the weapon arsenal can of course change due to updates and patches. We will update the guide accordingly.

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