Here is the strongest item in Diablo 2 Resurrected that you need in every build


Here is the strongest item in Diablo 2 Resurrected that you need in every build

No matter which class or which build you play in Diablo 2 Resurrected : One item is always needed, the Hellfire Torch. However, this is difficult to come by. We explains what makes it so strong and how you can maintain it.

What kind of item is that? The Hellfire Torch is an extremely popular item in Diablo 2. It is considered one of the best items ever and strengthens each of the 7 classes of the game. However, level 75 is required.

As a "spell" you don't even have to put it on. It is enough if you have them in your inventory to benefit from the powerful effects of the torch. It is cynically referred to by gamers as one of the items that you absolutely need for your builds (via ).

What makes the torch so powerful? The torch gives you a strong bonus to stats and resistances as well as access to the hydra spell (level 30, 10 charges). What makes them particularly strong, however, is the 5% chance of triggering Firestorm (level 10) when attacked.

This ability is not available to any class, but belongs to the base game's final boss: Diablo. It is accordingly strong. In addition to these effects, the torch is one of the so-called + skill items that are particularly valuable .

It increases the level of skills by +3. The selection is random and does not necessarily have to correspond to the class you are currently playing. Therefore, the strongest torch is the one that corresponds to your class.

Either way, the torch is a must for every build if you want to get the absolute maximum out of your class. To get it, you have to complete a long and arduous quest.

Get Hellfire Torch - Here's how

How do I get the torch? To get the Hellfire Torch, you have to complete the “Pandemonium Event”. At the end of this there is the fight against the so-called over-bosses, which are even used as a yardstick by speed runners .

First of all you have to reach the difficulty level "Hell". So it doesn't work in the first run. Here you have to farm keys, 3 copies of 3 different keys each:

  • Key of Terror from the Countess in Act 1, Black Moor, Forgotten Tower Level 5
  • Key of Hatred from the necromancer in Act 2, Secret Refuge
  • Key to the destruction of Nihlathak in Act 5, Halls of Sorrows, Halls of Vaught

The chance of a drop is quite low. Play as a team to increase the chance of a key.

You have to put 3 of these keys together in the Horadric Cube , while you are in Harrogath (Act 5) on the difficulty level Hell. This opens portals in which you can find the over-bosses.

How do I complete the event? You should open all 3 portals in the same game, as the selection is random. This is how you guarantee to get to all 3 required areas:

  • Matron's Cave: Here you can find Lilith (or: Über-Andariel). You need Diablo's horn from her.
  • Forgotten Sand: This is where you can find Über-Duriel. You need Baal's eye from him.
  • Embers of Agony: Here you can find Über-Izual. You need Mephisto's brain from him.

The bosses are a big challenge. Learn their patterns and skills best from their “normal” versions. Have you found the 3 organs, you have to put them together again in the cube. This opens a portal to Über-Tristram. Uber-Baal, Uber-Mephisto and Pandemonium-Diablo are waiting in the center of the city.

You have to defeat these 3 bosses at the same time. They are the biggest challenge in the game, so prepare yourselves well. The hellfire torch waves as a reward.

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