Clash Mini is a new mobile game asking players to build a team with heroes. Find out who is the best starter here.

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In Supercell's new game, Clash Mini , players must build teams with heroes and strategize in order to beat their opponents. At the start of the game players have the choice between 3 heroes . We explain here who is the best starter.

The Shield Maiden is the best starter on Clash Mini . The hero indeed works with more other characters and allows to gain more shards to improve them.

Who is the best starter hero on Clash Mini?

As Kairos Time explains on YouTube, the Shield Maiden is the best hero to start on Clash Mini. This allows you to gain additional fragments via quests to improve your heroes . The Shield Maiden also has good synergy with many other heroes .

Even if the choice of the starter is not very important once well advanced in Clash Mini, this first hero is essential at the beginning of the game. Particularly because the player will keep him for a very long time in his team. The Archer Queen and the Barbarian King are also decent but less effective and interesting than the Shield Maiden.

In addition, hero fragments are quite difficult to obtain. The fact that the Shield Maiden allows you to earn more is therefore not negligible. Remember also that this is only the first hero and that it is possible to gain others and improve them later.

The best team of Clash Mini for beginners

These are the characters that you should have on your team. Try to focus on them when upgrading your heroes and minis during the first few games or until you have a catalog of soldiers large enough to choose from.


  • Archer Queen - One of the most powerful starting heroes. Keep her safe behind a tank like the Mega Knight to let her charge her super attack and damage as many enemies as possible.


  • Mega Knight: must protect the Queen from frontal attacks, so always put him in front of her and in a centered area to make the most of her stun attack.
  • Spear Goblin: His initial attack is devastating even with tanks and the best way to start the game on the right foot. Try to place it where you think it will hit or, failing that, guide yourself on the path that your rival will follow until reaching the closest mini.
  • Electric: Electric is always going to be our ideal option, followed by ice to slow down enemies and fire to deal damage in a controlled area. Remember to protect it behind the tank but leaving it close enough so that it can attack without problems from distance.
  • Mini Pekka: ideal for taking down the tanks that the Mega Knight is fighting or as a resource to kill potential Miners who want to attack from behind.
  • Skeleton Guard: A small tank to keep the Archer Queen protected if the Mega Knight falls. His shield will be of great help to distract the rival minis that remain in play.

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