How to change the name in Youtubers Life 2


How to change the name in Youtubers Life 2

The long journey of a youtuber's career entails making a name for himself in the great world of the most popular platform of Youtubers Life 2 , better known as «NewTube». From the beginning we have the possibility to name both our avatar and our channel to give it the authentic touch you need.

As time passes, things change, so your channel evolves in various aspects, and it may cross your mind to change the name or title of some things to give it a different focus. If this is what you want, in our complete guide to Youtubers Life 2 we are going to teach you how to make these types of changes to your youtuber profile and other things that are related to titles in general.

How to change the channel name in Youtubers Life 2

First of all, it is important to know that the name of the channel is not the same as that of your avatar. If you were thinking of changing the name of the character, it is too late, since there is no way to do it, and this is something that is explained to you at the beginning of the game. Now, in the case of the channel, you just have to access your mobile and click on «NewTube» .

Here you will find several options, including changing the name of the channel. You can do it by clicking on the edit tab next to the name, or on the option in the lower right corner as shown in the image. You enter the new name of your channel and accept, this you can do as many times as you want.

How to change the name of the Drone in Youtubers Life 2

Although you cannot change the name of your avatar, you can with your drone. You can also do this as many times as you want and at any time. You have to access your mobile and click on "Drone", all the functions of the device will appear, and you have to click on "Change Drone Name" and accept after making the change.

How to change the title of a video in Youtubers Life 2

Another thing you can change is the name of your videos, some players ignore this option, since default options always appear when they are published on NewTube . However, these are titles considered clickbait, so they can be as good as bad depending on the decisions you make when publishing them. This is why it is advisable to change the titles of your videos from time to time so that your audience has a varied content and does not feel overwhelmed with the same old things.

To do this you have to "Edit a Video" , accept the edit and click on the bar that says "Place a Title here", put the name of the video (it does not matter what you put) and click on "Publish" . If you did a good job, you will get excellent results in Likes and Views. By following these steps, you will make the changes you want in the most important titles of your entire Youtuber career.

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