How to earn points and fast XP in Rocket League


How to earn points and fast XP in Rocket League

Rocket League has a ranking system that goes hand in hand with the experience level of the players. In this way, the opponents are distributed evenly so that there are even matches in each of the modalities. This not only gives your profile a thumbs up, but also rewards that will encourage you to keep moving forward.

To gain experience, must be several factors considered , since this varies in each game depending on the actions and contributions you have made to your team, even at the time of losing.

Actions to gain experience in Rocket League

Total XP in Rocket League
Total XP in Rocket League 

 The actions that are performed during a match determine the amount of experience points that you will earn. There are a total of 29 actions , in the following list you can see how many XP points they give and how to do them:

  • Full Match: just for finishing a match (regardless of whether you win or lose) - +750.
  • Consecutive Matches: stay in the same lobby for several games (regardless of whether you win or lose) - +200.
  • Weekly Wins: reaching 21 weekly wins, gives bonus +2,500 in 3 games per day during that week.
  • Win: Win the match - +1,000.
  • MVP: player with the highest score in the match and win - +100.
  • Goal: score a goal - +100.
  • Aerial Goal: make a goal on the height of the court - +20.
  • Backward Goal: score a goal by striking backward - +20.
  • Bicycle Goal: make a bicycle goal - +20.
  • Long Goal: scoring a goal further from the half court - +20.
  • Tortuga : goal scoring with the overturned car - +20.
  • Pool Shot: score a goal by bouncing the ball against an enemy - +20.
  • Goal in : Overtime score a goal during overtime - +25.
  • Hat Trick: score 3 goals in the same match - +25.
  • Assist: pass the ball to a teammate who scores after the pass - +50.
  • Playmaker: Make 3 assists in the same game - +50.
  • Saved: save the goal by covering a shot - +50.
  • Epic : Save save the goal by covering a ball that is about to enter - +75.
  • Salvador: make 3 saves in the same game - +25.
  • Shot: take a shot straight into the court - +10.
  • Centered Ball: center the ball near the enemy's goal - +10.
  • Clear the Ball: throw the ball away from the allied goal - +20.
  • Demolition: Eliminate enemies with turbo hit - +0.
  • Exterminator: destroy 7 players in the same match - +20.
  • First Touch: be the first to touch a ball - +10.
  • High five: congratulate an opponent who scores a goal - +5.
  • Bullet Strike: Go supersonic using the turbo and hit the ball - +20.
  • Juggling: hitting the ball 3 times in a row without making it touch the ground - +10.
  • Aerial: hitting the ball in the air above the height of the court - +20.

Experience Bonuses

2XP Bonus in Rocket League
2XP Bonus in Rocket League 

 With the Special Bonus Multipliers you will be able to gain more experience , these are achieved in temporary events or during special Double XP days. On the other hand, with the Rocket Pass Premium you can take exclusive challenges that also give XP points.

All Rocket League Levels and Titles

Epic Leap in Rocket League
Epic Leap in Rocket League 

 Each of the levels that are reached with XP points award a player title . These are the experience ranks (different from competitive ranks):

  • Rookie: Level 1 to 20.
  • Veteran: level 20 to 39.
  • Expert: level 40 to 59.
  • Teacher: level 60 to 79.
  • Legend: level 80 to 99.
  • Rocket Lord: Level 100 to 199.
  • Challenge Expert: level 200 to 299.
  • All One Star: Level 300 to 399.
  • Superstar: Level 400 to 499.
  • Peerless Rival: Level 500 to 599.
  • Transcendental Master: Level 600 to 699.
  • Legendary Nemesis: Level 700 to 799.
  • Ball Wizard: level 800 to 899.
  • Rockets Elite: Level 900 to 999.
  • Demigod of Rockets: level 1000.

Knowing all of this information, the only job you have to do is push yourself to do the actions that earn bonus points and try to win as many games as you can.

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