How to find Legendary Equipment in APEX Legends


How to find Legendary Equipment in APEX Legends

In addition to the authentic characters that APEX Legends offers to users, there are also the accessories that characterize the game very much. These are divided into rarities such as Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary , the last being the most difficult to find and the most powerful of all to form an excellent combat team.

Each of these accessories provide advantages that the other rarities do not have, and it is for this very reason that they are so desired, since they can be a good resource to overcome the confrontations at the end of the games . If you don't know how to find them or how they work, in our complete guide to APEX Legends we leave you some tips that will surely help you. 

Where to find Legendary Loot in APEX Legends

Pathfinder and APEX Legends
Pathfinder and APEX Legends 

 There is no method as such that allows you to get Legendary loot, as these are very difficult to find on any of the maps. They are characterized by having a happy yellow face, which indicates that it is a Loot of Level 4 (Legendary). They are usually obtained in supply packages that fall randomly on the map in which the game takes place. However, there are certain places where you can find high-quality items, and chances are that you can find Legendary loot, be it in the Canyon of Kings, Olympus, or the End of the World.

On the other hand, sometimes there are events on the map that after completing certain missions can grant Legendary equipment.

What are the advantages of legendary teams in APEX Legends

Legendary Team in APEX Legends
Legendary Team in APEX Legends 

 Each of the accessories that make up the complete Legendary equipment give certain characteristics as an advantage. It is important to know them to know how to use them in battle , so we leave you everything you need to know in the following information.

Protective equipment

  • Helmet: reduces the damage of bullets received to the head by 25%. It has the Quick Charge advantage in both tactical and ultimate situations.
  • Body Shield: 100% shot damage absorbed. Allows fast healing, increases the effectiveness of syringes and shields by 100%.
  • Emergency Shield: withstands up to 750 points of damage. Grants the Resurrection ability that allows you to revive yourself.
  • Legendary Backpack: Add 6 additional slots to the backpack. With the Guardian Angel ability it allows you to recharge 75 health and 50 shield after a revive.


  • Mastiff: Legendary Shotgun
  • Kraber - Legendary Sniper Rifle.
  • Natural Weapons: All other weapons of this rarity with level 4 accessories.

Weapon Accessories

  • Stabilizer: minimizes recoil.
  • Threat Detector 1x: shows the silhouette of the enemies in red with the scope for pistols, shotguns and submachine guns.
  • 4x 10x Threat Detector - Show enemy silhouette in red with sniper rifle scope.
  • Turbocharger: Increases the rate of the Devotion or Havoc weapon.

As you can see, all legendary items give special abilities that are of great use throughout the game. In fact, with just one of these you can do amazing things if you have the experience and a good team to back you up. 


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