How to find the Mutant Gene for Katzia in Youtubers Life 2

 After gaining access to the Sewers of the Youtubers Life 2 Center , we have the opportunity to meet the mutant Katzia, an inhabitant of the sewers who has an extremely important role when completing main missions . Therefore, establishing a good friendship with her will benefit you in several ways in your career as a youtuber.

To do this, you will have to help her on several occasions to solve certain problems, such as finding a trunk to store her things, as well as taking on the task of finding a Mutant Gene. This last task can be difficult for some players when they do not know very well everything about the characters of NewTube City, and that is why in our complete guide of Youtubers Life 2 we are going to leave all the clues that you must follow to acquire the Mutant Gen in the fastest and easiest way.

Where is the Mutant Gene in Youtubers Life 2

Where is the Mutant Gene in Youtubers Life 2

When this mission is assigned, when talking to Katzia, the clue she gives you is that the Mutant Gene can find him if you know where his dad is . Obviously, you will have no idea who this person is if you have not completed the mission to unlock the Secret Laboratory , since by doing this, Dr. Ermingaut confirms that one of his experiments was to create 4 mutants, and that after that the Mayor found out she wanted to close the project because it was inappropriate. One day those mutants escaped, including Katzia, who would officially be the daughter of Dr. Ermingaut . Considering this, your first stop to look for the object is to go to Er-Tech in the City Hall neighborhood.

Upon reaching said establishment, you must enter the Secret Laboratory of Dr. Ermingaut and go to the upper left corner of the site. You will not be able to see the Mutant Gene because it is hidden in this part of the room, so you have to zoom in for the "Collect" option to appear , when you perform this action it is added directly to your inventory. The next thing you have to do is head to the Sewers again to deliver the Mutant Gene to Katzia so she can create a companion to stay in the sewers with her. It's a simple mission, as long as you have the doors open to the Secret Lab at Er-Tech.

To be prepared with other search missions , it is recommended that you know other secret places such as the Downtown Sewers , or Edgar's basement in Geektopia from Youtubers Life 2 . Knowing this, all the objectives that you must meet will be much easier to overcome.

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