How to fix Dixie pen drive in Youtubers Life 2

 Although Adam's main mission is the one that has more to do with the Pen Drives of NewTube City, with Dixie we will also have the opportunity to obtain a USB with confidential information . This is one of the tasks that this character entrusts to us when his NewTube channel is attacked by a Hacker, and there is only one way to save him, fixing his Pen Drive.

The mission seems simple, but in reality it has some complications that can only be overcome when you have a good understanding of all the factors that influence the objective . If for some reason it has been difficult for you to go ahead with this Dixie order, you do not have to worry, since in our complete guide to Youtubers Life 2 you will find what you need to repair the Dixie Pen Drive.

Where to fix Dixie's Pen Drive in Youtubers Life 2

Where to fix Dixie's Pen Drive in Youtubers Life 2

Due to Dixie's hacker problem, all the information that her channel can save is on her Pen Drive, which will be corrupted. Your goal is to take it to someone who knows computer science so that they can repair it, and although there are several people who specialize in technology in the city, Adam from LeetPoint del Centro is the perfect character to give you a hand. You have to take it to him so he can fix it and give it to you, he is going to explain that there is strange and suspicious information on this device, so you have to be careful when Dixie is going to use it.

What can be done with Dixie's Pen Drive in Youtubers Life 2?

This is one of the first missions linked to Pen Drives, so you may not know the capacity of these devices. Surely you have already noticed that in the "Upgrade" option on your PC there is an empty box that says "USB", and this is the place where you can place any type of Pen Drive to use it. It should be noted that they are not used to save information, but to extract it, they are something that gives Trends advantages to the videos that are edited with them. For example, in the case of this Dixie Pendrive, you can add the #AFKBar trend to it without having to be in the aforementioned place, so it is good that you edit something with this before giving it to Dixie to complete his mission.

Once you deliver the repaired Pen Drive to Dixie, he will tell you that he can recover his Channel with all its characteristics, as a thank you he gives you a gift that is a Rain Panel that serves as a decoration for your house, or to sell it in case you need the Coins. One of the things that will be essential when you have to look for Adam's 5 Pen Drives is to unlock Dr. Ermingaut's Secret Laboratory , since the experiments that are linked to the main mission of the NT Codes are carried out here. Also, know all the locations in Youtubers Life 2It is another factor that will help you a lot faster when having to search for objects throughout the city, you will be able to save time that you can invest to create content and earn many Coins .

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