How to fix Easy Anti-Cheat issues in Apex Legends


How to fix Easy Anti-Cheat issues in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has implemented in Apex Legends a system to fight cheats , Easy Anti-Cheat . This system is installed together with the PC version, when you download the game from Origin. It's transparent to gamers, so there's no need to configure anything.

On the official forums Apex Legends , some players have reported bugs with Easy Anti-Cheat . If you are one of them, you can try carrying out various checks while the developers continue to investigate. 

How to fix Easy Anti-Cheat issues in Apex Legends

Discarding that the problem is in your PC

To rule out that the errors related to Easy Anti-Cheat are not caused by something related to your computer , you can carry out the following checks.

Verifying the connection with Easy Anti-Cheat

To verify that Easy Anti-Cheat connects correctly with the servers you have to do the following, access these two URLs:



If everything works correctly, the message should appear: « OK: connection successful «. Otherwise, your antivirus may be blocking Easy Anti-Cheat . To solve it you have to unblock it from the antivirus and add it as an exception.

Check that Windows is up to date

It may seem silly, but if you do not have Windows up to date in terms of updates it can influence Easy Anti-Cheat . Go to Windows Update and check that there are no pending updates . EA also advise having installed the latest Visual C ++ updates . To rule out that there are no corrupted files on the system, you can run the command sfc / scannow from the command prompt.

Update the game and repair the installation

Normally, the game updates automatically, unless this option is deactivated from the Origin client settings. Check that you have Apex Legends up to date . If the game is up to date you can also try to repair the installation . You just have to right-click on the cover of the game and then hit Repair .

Close the programs you don't use

If you have any open programs, it may conflict with Easy Anti-Cheat . Try closing all programs running in the background, then start the game.

Do you play Apex Legends on PC? Have you had problems with Easy Anti-Cheat? 

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