How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom


How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is now available globally to make the streets bloom with our steps. In essence, this new augmented reality game has similar mechanics to Pokémon GO, so it also has a currency to do microtransactions. This means that you can buy items in the store game to get some perks or items, but it does not affect the development of the game. Everyone can play for free and enjoy the game in its entirety. There are several methods to get coins in Pikmin Bloom and we will tell you about it below.

First of all, you can take a look at the Pikmin Bloom store to see what items are available . In principle, it is possible to buy seedlings that work like the incubators in Pokémon GO, nectar and petals to plant flowers on our walks. The latter is important because the more flowers you plant in flower planting mode, the faster the seedlings will grow in your planter backpack . Therefore, you get more points and accelerate the growth of your Pikmin .

There are also special packages with certain objects inside for a small price in coins. And finally, there are certain improvements such as nectar deposits , petals, Pikmin or seedlings. All this allows you to expand the maximum capacity of your planter backpack to store more of everything. So how can you get coins in Pikmin Bloom?

How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom 

The only way to get free coins is by planting flowers in free zones . However, the player has to walk a long distance to get enough coins. The cheapest item in the store is a pack of white petals that costs 50 coins and can be easily obtained by giving nectar to the red Pikmin. This is only indicative, although below we will tell you what is the equivalent to real money , a transaction that you can make from the game store.

  • 100 coins cost $0.99.
  • 550 coins cost $5.49.
  • 1,200 coins cost $10.99.
  • 2,500 coins cost $21.99.
  • 5,200 coins cost $43.99.
  • 14,500 coins cost $109.99.

Continuing with the previous example, we find that a pack of white petals would have a price of 0.49 and the nectar would have almost one euro as you can see in the image above. On the other hand, the most expensive objects currently are the special packages that can exceed 10 euros. For example, the adventure pack contains up to 600 different colored petals, 15 special seedlings, 12 special nectar, and 10 detectors. To get these coins you just have to enter a payment method and buy coins for real money.

are still unknown Other ways to get coins . In the future they could include other methods such as special missions or as rewards in expeditions. Be that as it may, in this Pikmin Bloom guide we will keep you informed of all the changes that occur. 

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