How to get Credits in Rocket League


How to get Credits in Rocket League

Credits are the most precious resource in the entire Rocket League , this is the currency with which you can make internal purchases to unlock new vehicles, accessories, designs, build with plans, and even get the Premium version of the Rocket Pass .

These are things that will go a long way toward progressing and continuing to get new rewards in the game. However, there is no free way to get Credits, they can only be acquired with real money through micropayments.

How to buy credits in Rocket League

To buy Credits you just have to go to the Menu and click on "Store", then select "Buy Credits" and choose the type of package you want to purchase:

  • 500 credits – $4.26.
  • 1,100 credits (+ 10% additional) - $ 8.54.
  • 3,000 credits (+ 20% additional) - $ 21.35.
  • 6,500 credits (+ 30% additional) - $ 42.71.

After making the purchase, you have to consider that the game system makes a 3-day commercial retention on your account. This can vary from less to more depending on how long you have been playing Rocket League since you started. With the Credits you can unlock many items and get the Rocket Pass Premium to start earning many rewards and vehicle models. 

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