How to get free Coins in APEX Legends


How to get free Coins in APEX Legends

APEX Legends is a free to play battle royale that contains micropayments within the game, the currency valued in real money is known as "APEX Currency" . This works to purchase resources like Relic Fragments, Legends Characters, Special Boxes, and even items like skins, poses, and more.

It is the most valuable resource in the game, and therefore the most difficult to obtain . However, there are several ways to earn it, both paid and free. If you are looking for APEX Coins, in our complete guide to APEX Legends we show you every step you must follow to obtain them in the most effective way possible. 

Get Coins in APEX Legends with the Battle Pass

Battle Pass Season 1 in APEX Legends
Battle Pass Season 1 in APEX Legends 

 First of all, it is important to say that within the game there is no way to earn this free resource. This is obtained by paying yes or yes. However, you can make a small investment for the Battle Pass, it is the most effective and cheapest way to get many APEX Coins. You only have to enter € 9.99 to buy 1000 APEX Coins with which you will activate the Battle Pass.

With this subscription you will not only get a good amount of Coins per month , but also other types of rewards that will help you progress a lot. Practically, if you invest in this, play frequently and make an effort, you will be able to buy the others easily with the Coins that you generate in the same game, and even buy some things from the Store.

Get Coins in APEX Legends in the Store

If you want to go directly to buy APEX Coins in the Store, you can purchase any of the following packages:

  • 2,000 APEX Coins - $ 19.99 (+150 additional).
  • 4,000 APEX Coins - $ 39.99 (+350 additional).
  • 6,000 APEX Coins - $ 59.99 (+700 additional).
  • 10,000 APEX Coins - $ 99.99 (+1,500 additional). 

Get Coins in APEX Legends with FruitLab

Get Coins in APEX Legends with FruitLab

FruitLab is a legal method of earning APEX Coins outside of the game. It is a platform where you earn money for watching or uploading videos of any kind, it works in a similar way to YouTube, but you can monetize faster and redeem the points you get (PIPS) for PlayStation, Steam, Xbox cards and others . The idea is that you gather the necessary amount to invest in the Battle Pass so that you can start generating APEX Coins or also buy them directly from the in-game Store.

Following all these tips you will get the APEX Coins and invest them in the items you need. However, to go much further, it is recommended that you know all the tips to win in APEX Legends if you are just starting out. 

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