How to get free energy in Youtubers Life 2


How to get free energy in Youtubers Life 2

The main resource to be able to carry out activities and work creating content in Youtubers Life 2 is energy. This defines how many actions we can do in the day, such as recording videos, streaming, editing and other things that go hand in hand with the evolution of your channel. The energy that the avatar has is enough to do between 2 to 3 activities per day depending on what is done.

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Although it can be achieved by buying food in the different NewCity restaurants, at the beginning the price of most of these products is high for you, since you do not have a budget that can cover these expenses. However, there are free alternatives that provide free energy in strategic places in the city. In our complete guide to Youtubers Life 2 we leave you the locations where you can find free food.

Water in the NewCity Center of Youtubers Life 2

The first place you can go that is available at any time of the day is the water filter found in the NewCity Center. You can look for it in front of Leet Point right next to the electric scooter station. You have to approach it and click on "Drink", although it gives you approximately 5 energy and you can drink a maximum of 5 times per day.

Free drinks from AFKBar in Youtubers Life 2

Another point to get free energy is AFKBar, a restaurant located in the NewCity Center in the upper left corner of the map. Its entrance is in an alley, when you enter you will be able to see a free drinks machine to the right of the reception. It works similar to the water filter, you just have to get closer and click on "Drink" , it gives the same amount of energy and can be used up to 5 times.

It is not much, but surely it can help you solve something or other. You can go to both places to drink 10 times and get approximately 50 energy , enough to be able to record a video or edit one that you already have ready to upload that same day. Obviously, sleeping is always an option, however do not forget that Trends change daily, so if you have something pending that works that same day , use this extra energy to achieve it. To save more time during the day you can get the Youtubers Life 2 scooter license , this way you can move faster and complete many missions.

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