How to get materials and craft items in APEX Legends


How to get materials and craft items in APEX Legends

The universe APEX Legends has many factors that influence the fighting, the main resources such as the Legends Tokens or APEX Coins are sought to unlock new accessories , but beyond that there also is a crafting system that few players take into account. .

With Manufacturing Materials you will be able to create everything from weapons to very useful accessories that will improve all your equipment during the game. Experienced players often consider these items to try and have high-level characteristics. Although it is not entirely easy to craft articles from scratch, in our complete guide to APEX Legends we are going to give you the best tips to make the process fast and effective. 

Where to find crafting materials in APEX Legends

Material Extraction Device in APEX Legends
Material Extraction Device in APEX Legends 

 Materials are another resource, so you have to look for them, and hopefully find the right ones to create the product you have in mind. These can be obtained in supply loot of any quality, each time you open one they give you 5 Material Points . However, the most effective method is through the Material Extraction Devices, orange objects with blue screens that grant 25 Material Points when opened . However, the tricky thing about this is that they appear randomly on the map.

Each time you collect Material Points, you can see how many you have on the top right of the screen. If you make an effort to find these objects in various parts of the map, you will be able to get a good amount of them.

How to create weapons, items and accessories in APEX Legends

Apex Legends Duplicator
Apex Legends Duplicator 


 When you have enough Material Points you can proceed to crafting by going to one of the Duplicators that can be seen on the map, they are large capsules with the ability to generate weapons and accessories. Here you can spend your points depending on what is available, as the creation options constantly change over time. You just have to get closer and select what you want, but as a tip, always stay alert or ask your teammates to protect you, because you will not be the only one who wants to craft a Duplicator. You can choose these options:

  • Diaries: weapons and accessories for rotating weapons.
  • Weekly: high-level equipment or consumables (backpack, helmet, shield, repair beacon, and more).
  • Permanents: ammunition, medicine cabinets and other objects of the style.

On the other hand, in a Duplicator you also have the ability to upgrade evo shields in order to raise the armor in a much easier way. This will allow you to reduce the price of upgrade in the shield, so you will be able to save to continue increasing in level as the game unfolds.

These would be all the things there is to know about the materials and crafting system of APEX Legends. You can also learn how to get Relic Fragments in APEX Legends to unlock the strangest items in the entire game. 

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