How to get Relic Fragments in APEX Legends


How to get Relic Fragments in APEX Legends

APEX Legends not only has a series of very different Legends, but also weapon skins and accessories that are divided into rarities such as Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. However, beyond these categories is an Ultra Rare that is known as a Relic.

These items are the most difficult to find in APEX Legends and can be acquired in various ways by obtaining Relic Fragments. Of course, by having these items your Legends get a different look and stand out for the rarity they have. Although there is very little chance of winning them, in our complete guide to APEX Legends we are going to show you what are the effective methods to find them. 

What are the Relics of APEX Legends

Before you start looking for these items it is important to know that Relics can only be obtained through Relic Fragments. From here can come weapon skins, poses and introductory phrases, and there are only 5 Legends that can currently wear them, that is, there are a total of 15 Relics in the game .


  • Raven's Beak - Weapon Skin.
  • Glory Seeker: Flag Pose.
  • I venerate those who rose up: introductory phrase.


  • Electric drumsticks: weapon skin.
  • Electric drumsticks: flag pose.
  • Pay attention: introduction phrase.


  • Boxing gloves: weapon skin.
  • Lights out: flag pose.
  • Incredible movements: introduction phrase.


  • Butterfly Knife: weapon skin.
  • Twist and jerk: flag pose.
  • Run fast, hit fast, win fast: introduction phrase.


  • Kunai: weapon skin.
  • Fearless: flag pose.
  • Come find me: introductory phrase. 


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