How to get a souvenir pack in CS: GO


How to get a souvenir pack in CS: GO

In this article, you will learn what CS: GO souvenir packs and tokens are, and how to get them. Let's take a closer look at the mechanism of exchanging tokens for souvenir sets. Details below.

What is a souvenir set in CS: GO

The Souvenir Package is the same case with skins of various qualities that can be obtained during a major CS: GO tournament sponsored by VALVE. To open the set, you do not need to purchase a separate key, and the dropped weapon skin has a special mark - "Souvenir". Souvenir skins are always more expensive than their usual counterparts. 

What is a souvenir set in CS: GO

Also, four gold stickers are glued to the skin at once. Usually this is the tournament logo, two stickers - the logos of both teams of the match, as well as a sticker with the autograph of the player who earned the MVP of the round on the current map.

souvenir  SG 553

At the PGL Stockholm 2021 tournament, the developers asked the teams participating in the tournament too late for autographs for the individual stickers of the players, so it was decided to place one sticker with the tournament logo, two stickers with the logos of the match teams and one with the logo of the match card on the souvenir weapon skins.

souvenir Desert Eagle

PGL Stockholm 2021 autographed stickers will be added to CS: GO only for teams that have made it to the quarter finals.

How to get the PGL Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Package

To get a souvenir set in CS: GO, you must have a token (or an activated token , if purchased), as well as a Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass. There is only one alternative option - buying a souvenir set on the Steam marketplace. Let's consider the first option in detail. 

Exchange of a token for a souvenir set

To receive a souvenir set, you must complete the following:

1. After purchasing a token, it must be activated (if the token was received for completing missions to improve the coin, you do not need to activate the token). Activation can be done either through the inventory page or through the PGL Stockholm 2021 pass menu. After activation, the token will disappear from the inventory. 

  1. Exchange of a token for a souvenir set

2. Then open the " Watch games and tournaments " menu (by default, the current stage of the passing Major will open) and go to the " tab Matches

3. When choosing a match you like, take into account the map on which it was played, because the collection of the souvenir set will depend on it. Press the button " Get a souvenir for this match " (Green gift at the top right).

4. After the steps above, the souvenir set will appear in your inventory.


Below we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to obtaining PGL Stockholm 2021 souvenir kits:

Do I have to have a Viewer Pass to receive Tokens?

Yes. You cannot receive or buy tokens without a pass.

Can I get souvenir packages for free without a viewer pass?

No. Only three Souvenir Packs are available for free when upgrading PGL Stockholm 2021 Coin to Diamond.

Do I need a key to open the Gift Set?

No. The souvenir package opens without any key.

Will souvenir kits be sold on the Steam Marketplace?

Yes. They will be sold like regular items.

When can I sell a souvenir set?

The set can be sold 7 days after receiving it.

How many tokens can I get for free?

VALVE offers a choice of two types of passes: the first one is simple, without tokens in the set, the second - with three tokens (it is more expensive). At the same time, by improving the spectator's coin, you can earn up to three more tokens.

Can you buy tokens?

Yes. Tokens can be purchased by holders of an activated PGL Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass.

How many tokens can I buy?

The number of tokens for purchase is unlimited.

Until when can you exchange tokens for souvenir sets?

Tokens must be exchanged before December 20, 2021.

What will happen to the token if it is not exchanged before 12/20/2021?

If a token is activated or received for improving a coin, then it will simply disappear, because the viewer pass menu will close. Not activated token (purchased) - most likely, it will simply remain in your inventory without access to exchange for a souvenir set.

Which card collections are the PGL Stockholm 2021 souvenir sets?

Card collections: Ancient, Dust2 2021, Inferno 2018, Mirage 2021, Nuke 2018, Overpass, Vertigo 2021.

Do I need to watch matches to receive the Souvenir Pack?

No. Souvenir packages can be obtained by exchanging for a token, or purchased on the Steam marketplace.

Can I get souvenir packs from a match from which the pack was already received?

Yes. You can receive an unlimited number of souvenir packages from one match. 

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