How to get Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends


How to get Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends

Resources APEX Legends as coins, fragments and chips Legends , be achieved in various ways , but one way is more effective through special boxes. These items contain a variety of rewards that will help you progress in various areas of the game.

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To get them you have to carry out various activities that unlock said special object. Although it is not easy to find, there are certain tips that you can follow to have a better chance of finding them, so in our complete guide to APEX Legends we will explain everything you need to know to get the Special Boxes. 

What are APEX Legends Special Boxes?

Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends
Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends 

 Treasure Boxes are rare items that grant rewards like Shards, Experience, Accessories, and much more . They are known for having a rectangular suitcase shape with a deep, bright red color. Only a certain amount can be obtained in each season of the game.

Where to find free Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends?

Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends Supply Chests
Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends Supply Chests 

 The Treasure Boxes are part of the Seasonal Missions, they can be found in the games of any modality within the Supply Chests that are scattered throughout the map . Players often play games of Duos or Trios, and analyze the best places to land in Kings Canyon , , World's End and Olympus in order to have better luck searching for these items.

Opening a high-level Supply Chest could reveal a Treasure Box. This will be saved directly in your game inventory, and you will only be able to see or open it when the game ends . It should be noted that you can only buy one per day, so if you find several you will not be able to take them all.

If you work hard, during the entire season mission you will be able to obtain a total of 45 Treasure Boxes , and for every 5 Treasure Boxes you find, phases of missions that are related to searches for Special Artifacts are unlocked. 

How to buy Treasure Boxes in APEX Legends

Another way to get them is by buying them directly from the Store for 25 APEX Coins . There is no other resource with which you can acquire them.

It is very important that you complete all the objectives of the Seasons Missions so that you take advantage of the rewards that you can acquire, both from Treasure Box, as well as Artifacts and other Resources . Do not forget that knowing all the characters and their special abilities will make you achieve the victories you want so much. 

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