How to link cross-save with Epic Games in Rocket League


How to link cross-save with Epic Games in Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular games thanks to its interesting game dynamics where we can constantly advance by playing soccer matches with vehicles. Being a free to play online game , the gameplay is distributed in ranks and levels that must be overcome by completing a series of missions.

Obviously, it is not an easy job to try to progress, as there are other players who want the same, so things are going to get more and more complicated. This is why the saved data is very important, since losing it or progressing at the same time in several accounts is not going to be the most beneficial for you , and this is where cross-save comes in to save the day, because with this function You can link your account on different platforms like PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch so that there is cross progress and you don't have to open multiple different accounts if you have multiple consoles. 

Steps to activate cross-save with Epic Games in Rocket League 

Epic Games account in Rocket League

Obviously, the first and main thing you should do is have an Epic Games account , you can create it from the official page . Later, when your account is active, you will have to follow these steps very carefully to activate the cross-save:

  • When you open the game, you will see the option to log in with your Epic Games account and you must do so.
  • You will get a window that will take you to the «Account Settings» .
  • When you get to this page you have to go to the option "Connections" .
  • You will see all the platforms that can be linked to this account, here you decide which ones to associate depending on the consoles you have. You just have to click on «Connect».
  • Enter your account information and accept.

Add additional cross-save accounts with Epic Games

It is important that you choose well what your main account will be to play Rocket League on different platforms, especially if you are linking additional accounts with Epic Games . The main account is going to be the one you play with, and you can only change it once a month, so be careful when selecting it. This would be the whole process that you must follow to start using cross-save and get the most out of your account on any of the platforms where you play. 

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