How to order in Youtubers Life 2


How to order in Youtubers Life 2

Being a youtuber obviously you make money from the videos you have published, but this is not always the case and at the beginning of your career in Youtubers Life 2 it will cost you a little to collect Coins to buy new equipment. This is why there is another source of income that is acquired through "Orders", which are daily tasks that give a certain amount of Coins as rewards.

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At first it can be a bit complicated, since there are several types of orders that have different activities, and most tend to be of different Tendencies. Either because you are starting or you have some doubts about the orders , in our complete guide of Youtubers Life 2 we are going to leave you all the details you need to know about the orders.

How to see the orders available in Youtubers Life 2

To find out which are the Orders available for the day, you have to go to your mobile and select the "Orders" option . If you cannot see it in your applications, it means that you have not yet advanced enough in the plot of the main missions, so advance until it is unlocked to be able to view this option.

Upon entering you will find a list of orders that NewCity residents and other characters ask you. Select the ones you want and have the possibility to do depending on the Trends with which you can link. They all have to be fulfilled in a certain period of time, but if you do not complete them, nothing happens, they just do not give you the respective reward that you were going to win.

All types of Commissions in Youtubers Life 2

There are different types of Commissions in Youtubers Life 2, below we explain what they are and how they work so that you comply with each one of them:

  • Make shipment: you have to look for a package in a place and take it to someone in the city. They usually award 100 Coins for this assignment, and it is the first to be unlocked in the game.
  • Photo on Instalife: upload a photo containing a certain Trend with a certain amount of Likes to Instalife. The reward varies depending on the rank of the youtuber.
  • Stream: stream with Trend and reach a specified number of live views. The reward varies depending on the rank of the youtuber (they give more than Photos in Instalife).
  • Viral Video: it is the most complicated order of all, if you are an experienced player, you may be lucky with this task. Of all it is the best reward, the amount varies depending on the rank of the youtuber.
If your goal is to generate a lot of coins with the Orders , then some of the tips that you can take into account is to get the license for the scooter to go faster around the city and learn how to get free energy to create more videos without investing in food. Remember that Orders are a vital part of the game, they will help you advance a lot both economically and on the NewCity platform.

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