How to play the Call of Duty: Mobile Vacant map


How to play the Call of Duty: Mobile Vacant map

Along with the arrival of the tenth season of Call of Duty: Mobile , the Vacant map is integrated, which is recognized for being part of other titles in the saga. However, this location is going to be for a limited time and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity, today in this section of our complete guide to Call of Duty: Mobile we will show you how to play in this scenario.

Features of the new Vacant map

Vacant first debuted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and has since become one of the saga's signature maps. On this occasion, it joins the title thanks to the arrival of the new season: Shadows Return, although at the moment, it is still unknown how long it will be available.

This map is distinguished by having small dimensions , which makes it ideal for close combat. It is set in an abandoned office in Pripyat, Ukraine and contains a variety of debris, including a couple of containers, which provide a more secluded area where you can fight from a distance.

However, on this map face-to-face combat is almost inevitable , since thanks to its properties, it encourages fast and intense battles. Therefore, the games that take place in this environment, tend to have a short duration and a frenzied style, therefore, it is best to take advantage of the elements available on the map to cover, resist and attack.

To enjoy this scenario, you just have to enter the featured game modes, and most of the missions that include the Search for Stansfield event have a place in it. It should be noted that the map arrives with a change in daylight , which gives it a different look.

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