How to unlock Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII: the First Soldier


How to unlock Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII: the First Soldier

The Battle Royale craze seems to have no end and the recent Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a new example of it. Now, his proposal takes a few touches from Final Fantasy VII , such as the location and part of the universe devised by Square Enix, to mutate into a shooter with RPG touches .

It is, logically, an online game that in this case is free-to-play , both on Android and iOS. However, there are not the mythical characters of the saga ... At least until now, thanks to an event that has just started with ... Cloud Strife!

Through an anomaly passing the sewer system , just south of Corneo's mansion, we will see that there is a dark field from which a familiar character emerges ... A dark version, precisely, of the soldier Cloud Strife.

The bad thing is that anyone can reach that boss and even if we start the duel, the rest of the players can attack us , which is an added danger. That is why it is advisable to have an ally to cover our backs, because the combat itself is not that difficult as long as you keep the distances of its combo with the sword and other skills.

After this, if you beat it, as indicated by the game's official Twitter account , you will get the mimic material with which you can literally transform into Cloud Strife . And luckily it is not just a skin change , but you will achieve the Cross Slash and Braver limits , apart from having a faster movement and temporary jump. Hopefully more characters like this will arrive ...

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