How to win in Rocket League Rumble mode


How to win in Rocket League Rumble mode

Beyond a classic football game there are other modalities such as Basketball Hoops , and other interesting ones such as Rumble mode. The latter maintains the main essence of the video game , but adding frenetic and shocking features where vehicles can acquire power-ups to use as advantages during the game.

Basically, this modality maintains the same standard rules, only that thanks to the powers the game takes a much more fun and complicated path, since all players will have to use their advantages to hit goals or defend the courts. 

Turbo to demolish enemies

Spikes in Rocket League Rumble Mode

Turbo is one of those abilities that can be used for many things, including demolishing opponents. This you have to try to use frequently, as it can significantly affect the tactics of the enemy team, especially if the player you are going to damage tries to score a goal or has the ball to maneuver it.

Don't use power ups in vain

Don't use power ups in vain

This mode revolves around power-ups, it is your most precious feature and you should make the most of it. As they are generated randomly, the ideal is that you know everything about them to know how to use them to your advantage and not waste them by having them activated. Here are some tips you can do with power-ups:

  • Boxing glove : it is one of the most used to score a goal, as long as you have it try to point towards the enemy goal and hopefully you will score a goal. On the other hand, it also serves to clear in the event that an enemy has the ball and goes to your court.
  • Spikes: usually used to score a goal. What you have to do is activate it when you have the ball so that it sticks to you and then take it directly to the enemy court.
  • Freeze: It is good that you use it when the ball is in the air to give you time to think about your next move.
  • Magnet: the magnet makes the ball be attracted to you, this is very good when you are close to the enemy team's court because you can score a goal, but it is difficult to manipulate it because the connection is not so stable, so another player can take it away. On the other hand, it can also be used to defend by dragging the ball to the opposite side.
  • Boot - Save for a precise moment when you need to hit an enemy with the ball.
  • Swap - Use when an enemy is near the ball or about to score to deflect it.
  • Power-up: the power-up gives you strength and speed, it is perfect for you to become a killing machine eliminating as many opponents as you can while the power-up lasts.
  • Opener: it is one of the most used to carry out offensive tactics, activate it to guide the ball towards a certain destination, preferably to your enemy's court. You can also use it to clear the friendly zone and avoid conflicts.

The important thing in this way is that you know all these power-ups perfectly , if you do, you will know how to react to various situations, and also face enemies by counteracting their powers with yours. Although it may not seem like it, it is a tactical video game that requires a lot of skill on the football field to achieve victories. 

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