How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips


How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips

The new project from Turtle Rock Studios has delighted a huge number of fans of team shooters, but even veterans Left 4 Dead must have noticed that the gameplay here is different from the creation of Valve. We decided to collect 10 useful tips that will help you survive longer in the game sessions of Back 4 Blood and, accordingly, more often defeat bloodthirsty zombies.

See enemies from above 

How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips

Let's start with a fairly important piece of advice, which is not obvious to all players. In this game, it is much easier to fend off opponents while being on top. This could be the roof of a truck, the top floor of a building, or the last rung on a staircase. Regardless of which map you are playing on, always try to look for the highest points, especially if a crowd of zombies is running at you.

The environment in Back 4 Blood is very important for survival and therefore victory. So, starting the next game session, try to cooperate with your teammates and occupy the highest points with the whole group. Then you will not be afraid of any skirmishes with mini-bosses, or a whole horde of the living dead.

Stick together 

Oddly enough, but in a team shooter you need to not only work side by side with your teammates, but also constantly move with them. In Back 4 Blood, you should not try to clear the map alone, because very quickly you will realize that this will not lead to anything good.

The fact is that if you run away from your partners, you will very soon go to the next world. Not only can you be "crushed" by a horde of ordinary opponents, so far from the team, you are likely to become a tidbit for Hawker. He will quickly knock you to your feet, and teammates may not have time to get to you to help. So stop being heroic, always stick together and then you will definitely be able to defeat the zombies.

Test decks in single player mode 

How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips

Bonus cards can be called the main feature of Back 4 Blood , but not everyone who starts playing understands how to use them effectively. You probably didn't know, but in the single player campaign, absolutely all cards are available to you, and this is the ideal way to test each bonus so that later you can understand which deck will be the most useful in online mode.

So first go into single-player mode, test the cards and only then break into the multiplayer carnage. Otherwise, your teammates are unlikely to appreciate your skill and a set of random useless cards. 

Traps are everywhere

One of the main differences between Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead is the trap mechanic. As soon as one of the members of your team gets into it, they will immediately call up a whole horde of opponents, which will be very difficult to cope with. Traps include flocks of birds, security doors, automatic alarms, and a special type of enemy - the Snitch. Learning how to handle each of these types of traps will make it much easier to defeat.

The most common in the game is a trap in the form of birds . If you start shooting or try to run next to them, the birds will immediately rise into the air and thereby attract the horde. You can neutralize a flock of birds only with a grenade or a Molotov cocktail.

Security doors are always marked with a special sign, and when you try to go through them, the alarm will turn on. There is only one way to neutralize this trap. Carefully start shooting at the zombies outside the door so that they start walking at you. As soon as at least one dead person touches the door, the alarm will immediately turn off.

As for the automatic alarm , it will not work to neutralize it. The only way not to fall into this trap and not summon a horde is to try to bypass this place, and, of course, in no case should you shoot.

And finally, the Snitch is a special kind of enemy that will summon a horde if it sees you. It is quite easy to recognize it, because this creature has several glowing lights on its head. In order not to provoke the appearance of the horde, you need to kill the Snitch with one shot. This will help powerful weapons, such as a modified sniper rifle. Naturally, at first, each of these traps will be very difficult to get around, but, I hope, our tips will help in time to learn how to avoid the sudden appearance of the horde.

Upgrade useful items, not weapons 

Upgrade useful items, not weapons

In the early stages, many players prefer to improve their own weapons and do not think about the team at all. With this approach, you will soon realize that you were wasting resources because one person cannot win games in Back 4 Blood . At the very beginning, when you still do not have enough experience, it is better to improve items such as first aid kits and grenades or a Molotov cocktail.

For example, pumped first-aid kits give several times more health than standard ones, which will help not only return a partner from the other world, but do it with a full supply of health. As for the same Molotov cocktail, after pumping, this weapon will begin to hit a large area, and this is a huge plus in battles with a horde or several mini-bosses at the same time. In general, follow this advice, and in the later acts of the campaign you will not have any problems with opponents, when the number of first aid points becomes noticeably fewer, and the cartridges will no longer be lying around at every turn.

Don't forget to bring your tools 

One of the slots in your inventory is reserved for a random accessory. As a rule, players add some situational items to it, but this is wrong. The most useful thing that should be with you in every game session is the toolbox.

With such a set, you have the opportunity to open any doors, disarm alarms, and even more quickly cope with certain types of missions in the campaign. By default, only Carly has this item, but anyone can purchase it. So, before starting your "crusade" make sure that at least one of the team members has a set of tools. With it, you will be much easier to overcome obstacles on your way, and by opening special boxes you will also open rare weapons, additional ammunition and free first-aid kits for the whole team.

Melee while carrying items

As you progress through the campaign in Back 4 Blood, you will constantly have to complete various mini-tasks. Most often, it is necessary to transfer some object from point "A" to point "B" and at the same time not die from a zombie attack. The problem is that when your hands are busy with an object, you suddenly cannot use the firearm. But there is a solution.

You can push opponents away from you using the "V" button on your keyboard or by pressing the right stick on your controller. The fact is that the presence of this action when your hands are busy with some object to carry is not very obvious. Many people do not even know that when you perform such tasks in the game, you can do at least something other than movement. So do not forget to push when, while carrying a load, you will be attacked by zombies that your teammates could not kill.

Save money on Veteran difficulty and above 

How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips

In fact, the difficulty levels in Back 4 Blood dramatically change the gameplay. If you play on the lightest, then you can hardly enjoy all the delights of the project, and in general it will seem wildly boring to you. That is why I advise you to immediately transfer to the "Veteran" and at this level of complexity to learn how to correctly handle your finances.

The fact is that when you get to the first aid stations, you can take healers for free at the easiest level of difficulty, but on the Veteran they cost 400 copper coins each. Accordingly, it is better for you to always keep such an amount with you so that you can take first aid kits with you on the road. And yes, you can be treated in first aid stations for free with the help of special stations, and take the purchased items to restore health on the road and do not waste them just like that.

The first card is the most important 

And one more piece of advice regarding the deck of cards. Most likely, many did not immediately understand, but the first card in the deck always automatically becomes the starting card at the beginning of the next game session. Why they did it this way, I do not understand, but it makes me not just think about how best to assemble the deck, but also in what order to arrange the cards in it.

After the first hit in the safe zone, the cards can be changed, which is also worth doing if you understand that your initial choice was useless. The fact is that only after entering the game session, the player understands which cards are used for the environment and enemies. So, as soon as you get to the first safe zone, it will be useful to change the starting card to one that neutralizes the enemy, albeit at least partially.

Put tags

How to win more often in Back 4 Blood? Useful Tips


And finally, remind you that Back 4 Blood let me has a pretty good marking system, which makes it possible to indicate where your partners should go, where to expect attacks from and simply mark specific monsters. Do not forget to use it, especially if you noticed a dangerous creature in the distance before the rest of the team.

If you want to bring maximum benefit to your team, then be vigilant and immediately put marks on mini-bosses and Hawkers. In the case of the former, your partners will have more time to regroup and prepare for a tough battle, because absolutely everyone will see the red skull mark on the screen. And in the second case, this is generally necessary, because the Hawkers knock down and can single-handedly deal with any of your team members, so these creatures should be found first.

These are the tips we decided to collect for those who begin to actively play Back 4 Blood . If you stick to each of them, you will very quickly notice that you have begun to survive much longer and win more often. And if you have already played dozens of hours since the release, then be sure to write what other tips beginners may need in Back 4 Blood .

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