Infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2 - Tips and tricks to get it

 Here you will find the best ways to earn infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2 by taking advantage of game errors and performing certain actions.

Infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2 - Tips and tricks to get it

Money is very important in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 , as it allows you to buy new weapons, extensions for the camp and better horses, among other things. Next we are going to give you a series of tips so that you know what are the best ways to get money "legally". 

What are the best ways to get money?

  • Complete the story missions : although doing secondary activities like bank robberies and robbing trains might seem like one of the best ways to get money, really if you focus on the main story you will get large sums of money, since these missions are carried out great robberies, which end up reporting you succulent rewards at the end of the missions.
  • Search the corpses of the enemies : when we have fought a great fight, search the bodies of the enemies to get money and especially valuables, such as watches and jewelry. These objects can then be sold in stores for good amounts of money.
  • Hunting animals hunt animals : if you you can use their materials to sell them at the trappers or butchers. The cleaner the game, for example using the bow, the greater the amount of money you will receive for the pieces you sell.
  • Perform crimes : you can rob shops, banks, rob stagecoaches and even trains, and all these activities will bring you good amounts of money, although it is true that they affect the honor system, so they are not recommended if you want to go the way of The virtue.
  • Work as a bounty hunter - At Sheriff's stations there are posters that start bounty hunter missions , asking you to capture a criminal. It is true that the rewards are not huge for the time you have to dedicate to these missions, but they are very fun, and you will meet the most peculiar types.
  • Steal chariots and horses: if you advance far enough in the story, you will first unlock a place where they will buy the stolen chariots, and later the stolen horses. This is a good way to get money, and in a very short time if you take practice.
  • Get Gold Bars Gold : bars are one of the most precious goods in the game, as you can sell them for $ 500 each. There are several ways to get these bars, for example in the puzzle of rare statues , or in treasure maps .

Trick to get infinite gold bars (glitch)

This is a trick that takes advantage of a or glitch glitch , and allows us to get infinite gold bars, so if we sell each one we will get $ 500, getting to have sums of money that will allow us to do practically what we want.

NOTE: This cheat may stop working if it is patched at some point.

Here we explain how to take advantage of this glitch .

  • First of all, perform a manual save, in case any part of the process goes wrong
  • Deactivate the autosave, in the pause menu, Settings, Game.
  • Go to the abandoned Sheriff's office in Limpany 
  • Now make a new manual save , pausing the game and then in History.
  • Inside the office, under a desk, there is a metal box containing a gold bar . Press square (on PS4) to crouch to pick it up, manually save over the last save as soon as the crouch animation starts, before picking up the ingot , this is important.
  • Now reload this game, and if you go to the Sheriff's office you will find that the gold bar is still there, and that the object has been "bugged" and you can pick it up again and again.
  • Now you can sell these gold bars and win a large sum of money , you can take up to 30 of these bars at a stroke, with which you will win $ 15,000.
  • Please note that this is a bug in the game, and may be patched by Rockstar .
  • This bug can be done with all the gold bars in the game , like the ones in the rare statues puzzle , but this is one of the easiest ways to access a gold bar.

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