Inscryption: How to Upgrade Smoke Card / Smoke Puzzle


Inscryption: How to Upgrade Smoke Card / Smoke Puzzle

The smoke puzzle in Act 1 of Inscyrption is used to upgrade the Smoke Card players receive when facing a boss, and the remake is worth it.

In Cipher In Act 1, players must face multiple boss battles to proceed to the next Act. During each of Act 1's Boss Cipher , players get an additional card to use during battle. This card, called the Smoke Card, can also be upgraded by solving the Smoke Puzzle.

The smoke letter in cipher

The smoke card is only added to a player's hand during one of the many boss battles they must face. The card is not available in any other way; it cannot be collected from any of the many events that allow players to obtain new cards. It is a 0/1 with a Sigil that creates a lot of bones when it dies. After the boss fight, this card disappears from a player's deck and is not seen again until the next boss battle. But to have the best Encryption decks for taking on bosses, players will want to upgrade the card.

The improved version of this Cipher Act 1 card is called The Big Smoke Card. This card is a 1/3 with the same Sigil. This keeps the card alive longer and also allows it to deal damage while still in battle. And when it dies, players get various bones to summon more creatures. This much more useful version is each to obtain. Players just have to solve the smoke puzzle.

The smoke puzzle in cipher

On the table between the caged wolf statue and the closed box, there is a collection of three candles. Only one of these candles is lit.

In the first round of this indie title from Devolver Digital, the candle on the right will be lit. When the player blows out the candle, smoke will begin to fill the lamp above them. After a player dies and a new round begins, the left candle will light in its place. Turn off that one too, putting more smoke in the lamp above.

After another kill, players can blow out the last candle in the middle, and the upgraded smoke card will pop out of the lamp.

Once all three candles have burned out for three rounds, the Major Smoke Card will be placed in the player's deck for the next boss battle and also for all future bosses, even if the player dies again. While it is not the hardest riddle in Act 1 of Inscryption, it is one of the most useful.

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