Jurassic World Evolution 2 guide Increase park rating

 At the end of the day in Jurassic World Evolution 2, your goal is for each of your parks to receive the coveted rating of 5 stars. We help you to achieve this goal.

More revenue, more stars

The basic principle for the number of stars is very simple: the more income you have per minute, the more stars you get . Factors such as guest satisfaction or the system rating do not have a direct effect on the stars, but of course they are still a decisive factor in how much money your visitors would like to spend. 

Jurassic World Evolution 2 guide Increase park rating

Increase visitor numbers

The best way to generate more revenue is to get more traffic. You have to consider two factors: How much space is there in your park and how attractive is your offer? You can use a simple trick to significantly enlarge the space by exploring wide paths and thus creating more space for your visitors.

You increase the attractiveness of your park with impressive attractions, in other words with dinosaurs. The more different species you display, the more visitors flock to your park. In order to be able to hatch new species of dinosaurs, you need a science center, an expedition center and of course a lot of well-trained scientists.

The right upgrades

Most of the buildings that you can erect in Jurassic World Evolution 2 are far from their true potential at the beginning. However, with the right research and upgrades, you can vastly increase their efficiency and save a lot of money . Conversely, this in turn increases your income.

The most important thing is the electricity. Research the Improved Power Grid as soon as possible to avoid having to rely on expensive emergency generators. You can find more information about the power grid in our guide .

In addition, you can unlock research in almost every sector, which saves costs. Be it in terms of staff, facilities or attractions. Prioritize the cost-saving research early on if you want to get the highest rating of 5 stars as soon as possible

Optimize facilities

Visitors alone are not enough to make big bucks. You also have to optimize the park so that your guests can spend money on every corner. Your best tools for this are the facilities that provide drinks, food, and shopping. If a path is marked in red, it means that there are not enough facilities at this point and that you are losing valuable income.

You should also research the medium-sized facilities as early as possible , with which you can make significantly more sales than with the small variants. You can find even more information on optimizing your facilities in our guide.

If you follow these basic principles, your account should soon be bursting at the seams and thus the maximum rating of 5 stars with a little patience will not be a problem.

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