Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to increase your comfort

Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to increase your comfort

 In Jurassic World Evolution 2, the comfort of your dinosaurs is the most important aspect. If your animals feel safe, they will not break out. We explain to you how you will increase the comfort.

Fortunately, the game gives you all the information you need to keep the animals safe. All you have to do is scan the dinosaurs to get detailed information on comfort. In addition, you have to interpret the information correctly and know what is most important.

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Scan dinos and check comfort

In the support building you get access to a ranger team. You can assign this to the task of scanning a dinosaur to find out everything about him. If you prefer to control the car and perform the scan yourself, you can of course do it that way.

It is not enough to scan your animals once. So that you can keep an eye on comfort, you have to set up ranger posts in the enclosures . Then you assign the post to a ranger team. This checks the well-being of the dinosaurs with regular scans.

Observe important values ​​in terms of comfort

After your animals have been scanned, you can hover over them with the pointer and see the most important things at first glance - comfort and health. If your dinosaur is satisfied, it will appear in the display exactly as it is. If it is not, additional information is displayed.

This information is highlighted in red and highlights negative effects that affect comfort. These include, for example, various deficiencies in the enclosure, such as size, too little food, water or incorrect environmental needs .

If you click on the dinosaur, another information window with several tabs opens on the left. Here you can dive much deeper into the analysis of the security of the animals. The first thing you should pay attention to is :

  • Food: Particularly with carnivores, it is important that the right food, and sufficient amounts of it, is available in the enclosure. Otherwise the dinosaurs will break out quickly, so it is best to place them when the animals are delivered.
  • Territorial needs: There are three values ​​here that you have to consider.
    • Cohabitation: This value tells you whether the dinosaur is satisfied with its fellow residents.
    • Area: This value shows you whether the size of the enclosure is sufficient.
    • Population: Here you can see whether the number of dinosaurs in the enclosure corresponds to the animal's wishes.
  • Environmental needs: This point relates to the environment in the enclosure. Does it contain enough water and food? Are there any rocks or forests? You can make some of these adjustments in peace after the animal has been placed in the enclosure.

Increase comfort with the help of the information

Next to all the displays you will find an axis that consists of a white and a red area. If the small vertical line is in the red area , the animal's need is not being met. That means you have to take action to reach the white area.

In the second tab of the info window you can click on Edit environment below , which gives you suggestions on how you can increase the comfort. Pay attention to the squares that we have marked in the picture. They show you the adjustments that you should make.

Cohabitation as a special factor for well-being

Jurassic World Evolution 2 also provides you with the answers to which dinosaurs can be kept together with which other dinosaurs . So when it comes to comfort, make sure that you don't keep the wrong animals in one enclosure.

In the fifth tab of the info window you will find a list of the dinosaurs that the scanned animal likes or dislikes . In the case of our Carnotaurus, Compsognathus, Albertosaurus and Majungasaurus would be welcome. The dinosaur cannot be kept together with other carnivores

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