Jurassic World Evolution 2 Rebuild destroyed enclosures

 Dissatisfied dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2 have no problem with destroying your lovingly placed fences. With the following tips, however, the enclosures can be restored in no time.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Rebuild destroyed enclosures

Why dinosaurs break out of their enclosures

Dinosaurs have to feel comfortable in their enclosures, otherwise an outbreak threatens. How the animals are doing can be recognized by their level of comfort. If this is too low, you have two options.

Either you increase the comfort of the dinosaurs or you increase the quality of the fences. The first option is always the better, even if it is a bit more complex. The improved fences, which are absolutely necessary for some carnivores, can otherwise be found in the research menu under Wellbeing -> Enclosures .

If you fail to please the dinosaurs or to protect the enclosures adequately, the dinosaurs will throw themselves against the fence and in the worst case destroy it and break out. In this case, first open all your shelters to bring the park visitors to safety.

Repair broken fences

You have two options to bring the damaged fences back into shape. Which of the two options is better depends on the particular situation.

  • Possibility: You have the fence repaired by your ranger team . This is the cheapest option and is best when you have enough time to repair it . After all, the team has to drive all the way to the destroyed fence before rebuilding can begin.

  • Option: tear down the broken fence and build a new one . This variant is a bit more expensive because you are building a completely new object. On the other hand, the construction phase is significantly faster than the arrival of the ranger team. So this option makes sense if you need to repair the fence as soon as possible .

To simply tear down the destroyed fence and rebuild it, select the bulldozer on the lower left of the screen. You should definitely pause the game so as not to be disturbed while you are working . After all, in such an emergency, every second counts. Then you can select a new fence in the Enclosure submenu and fill the gap.

This way, if you hurry, you can repair a broken fence before the dinosaur in question can break out of the enclosure.

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