Jurassic World Evolution 2: tips for the campaign

 Jurassic World Evolution-2 accompanies you with numerous tips. We recommend you to start the game with the campaign. Considered as a kind of Tutorial, and as an entry in the Jurassic World Evolution 2. For this purpose we give you a few tips along the way.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: tips for the campaign

The playing time of the campaign

The campaign of Jurassic World Evolution play through, you will not need a very long time. Plans for approximately 10 hours. In this time you will not just good tips from the game itself, but also a few trophies to unlock.

In the campaign you can unlock in addition, Dinos, and other objects for the sand mode. Basically, you should first of all modes to play through , before the sand mode, all the items for this to get. 

The Pause - and-Play function

One of the simplest, but most useful tips for the beginning, the use of the pause function. All you want to do in the rest the say listen or enclosure build, before a dinosaur is supplied, then the game is paused easy. 

It is important that the fences and buildings to be built, when you back to Play pushes . Therefore, some things you should previously raised concerns. For example, your live food should have a place in the enclosure, if the fences were built. If you run you be the first goat away to others.

The surrounding area of the enclosure can be without problems in the break build . Continues in between, but the game, to see what the effects of your adjustments on the residents of the Park have. Otherwise, if you give needless to much money.

While the game is paused, you can the Rangers also assign tasks , a Transport or when the storm take a breath, to re-clear your head to get if your a meat-eater again through the fences are broken.

The plant uses the details in the administration view

If your Park is anything not running smoothly, you can then check in the administration view, what it could be. It's all here, in the administration menu and look there in the first tab system details . Here you should check especially the following:

  • The attraction of the dinosaurs is one of the most important Items. At first glance, you see this menu, if all your dinosaurs for the agent are visible . The visibility of the dinosaurs was the predecessor of Jurassic World 2, the most important factor to Park money.
  • Are not all the Dinos are visible, then you can from this menu, the dinosaurs visibility display open and see where their further observation galleries needed.
  • In the system details, you can also use the employer's approval rate view. She shows you how satisfied your employees are and what their satisfaction depends on . Here you can get tips on what you must change to ensure that consent is on the rise.
  • Of the menu item, you can direct the overcrowding display open to the satisfaction of the agent's effect. You can improve, for example, ways to eliminate Overfilling. There are always ahead of the main attractions that bring in the most money. 

Protection space as one of the most important buildings

The shelter offers to the visitors of your system protection, if a dinosaur breaks out. Before you let your Park visitors, makes it accessible, you should at least have a shelter building . The following you should note:

  • It is not enough to build shelters. You must ensure that you are in dangerous situations are open . That means that as soon as a dinosaur, or a storm breaks out, first checks, if your shelters are open.
  • If you have multiple protection, then it is enough if you click on one of them. At the very bottom, you will find the Option, all of the shelters to open .
  • The placement of the protection space is important. Take a look at where most of the Park visitors are on the go and build the space there, where the paths are red

If you are the shelters the necessary attention, then, is the better investment evaluation reflect .

Numbness of the Dinos cancel

Finally, a little tip for the impatient players among you. Sometimes it is to stun your dinosaurs, so you repair the destroyed fences, or other adjustments to your enclosures can make.

In General, remain the prehistoric animals for 10 minutes stunned , what to see in a game like Jurassic World Evolution 2 a long time can be. The stunning again faster to lift you just a transport order . You can take the Dino then just a few more meters and he is awake. Bear in mind that you have to let him, then, maybe once a scan.

With these tips, you should in the first hours of your campaigns-time a little easier. Soon we will provide you with further tips to Jurassic World Evolution 2. 

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