JWE 2: Establish quarantine and reduce diseases


JWE 2: Establish quarantine and reduce diseases

Quarantine is necessary in Jurassic World Evolution 2 when contagious diseases break out in the enclosures. You can find out how to set up the quarantine and how to reduce diseases in our article.

How do you quarantine dinosaurs?

Some of your dinosaurs will be sick on a regular basis and can thus infect the other roommates in the enclosure . This then has a negative effect on their comfort and on the assessment of the dinosaur welfare. To prevent this, you have to set up a quarantine and transport the sick there.

You can build a small enclosure in your park that can serve as a quarantine for your animals. As soon as a contagious disease breaks out, you anesthetize the affected dinosaurs and transport them to this enclosure. Make sure, however, that the quarantine of the very demanding dinosaurs is adapted to their needs , especially if the stay can be longer.

A small enclosure on the edge of your park can serve as a quarantine. Pay attention to the size and needs of the sick animal.
A small enclosure on the edge of your park can serve as a quarantine. Pay attention to the size and needs of the sick animal.

Some diseases take longer to get under control. You cannot cure a cold, for example. It is also fairly certain that almost all exhibit residents will get infected. In old animals it can even lead to pneumonia and in the worst case to the death of the dinosaurs. If you have a cold, you should definitely isolate the dinosaurs.

How can you protect dinosaurs from diseases?

Researching all genetic modifications (apart from cosmetic ones) should be one of the first tasks on your list in Jurassic World Evolution 2. The dinosaurs are not only more difficult to control without genetic modifications. You are more prone to disease.

In order for your animals to become more resilient and not to fall victim to every disease, you have to research the node strong immune reaction .

  • Go to the research menu and look at wellbeing on the left.
  • Select the genetic modification node here .
  • In the second row, go to the icon with the shark, the strong immune reaction , and research that point.
To be able to explore this hub, you must have built a science center .

In order to minimize the diseases in your park, it is not enough to have researched the strong immune reaction. Before the breeding process, you have to modify the genes of the dinosaurs in such a way that the likelihood that they will become more resilient is as high as possible. Unfortunately, only a certain number of modifications are available to you.

  • Build a hatchery and click on one of the empty incubators .
  • Select the dinosaur you want to modify and select Modify Genome in the lower right corner of the screen  .
  • Go into the following screen to load and increases this value as far as you want or can.
  • At the end, don't forget to save your changes .
If you have increased the resilience of your selected animal, you can now let it hatch. It should also be mentioned that the costs of hatching increase due to gene modification . But that is worth the better health of the dinosaurs.

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