LOST ARK - How To Earn Silver


LOST ARK - How To Earn Silver

Current ways to earn silver

We talked about ways to earn gold in LOST ARK in a separate article , and now it's silver's turn. It is easier to get, and is used to temper equipment and buy items from NPCs, such as potions to restore health and shards of chaos. It is also consumed when teleporting and moving between continents, repairing equipment, replacing effects on a gem, and in many other activities. Silver cannot be traded between players.

Ways to earn silver

Let's take a look at the topical ways to earn silver for beginners.


Up to the 50th combat level and after, you can receive silver by completing storyline and side missions. 

Ephonian Union

For completing some of the daily and weekly quests of the Ephonian Confederation, you can get silver as a reward. Daily tasks can only be completed 3 times a day, and weekly tasks - 3 times a week.

In the interface of the Ephonian Union, you can see the rewards that are given for completing tasks. Among them there will be tasks as a reward for which silver is given.

Guild shop

If you are a member of a guild, we recommend that you participate in all guild activities and earn Silmael crystals. In exchange for which you can get not only valuable resources, but also silver from the NPC "Silmael Crystal Exchange". It stands in all major cities.

Every week you can purchase silver caskets with silver inside. There are three chests to choose from, the more expensive the chest, the more silver it contains, but you can buy all three chests.

Halls of Chaos

For killing monsters in the Halls of Chaos, you will receive silver. But only if you have the energy of Order.


For the passage of Cuba, you can also receive silver. The amount of silver received depends on the type of chest. There are several types of them, the further you go, the more valuable chest you get.

There are also several types of cubes, they are divided according to the level of difficulty, but the rewards also become more valuable.

In Cuba, you may come across a Golden Room, in which Sniffers can get caught, causing damage to them, you will receive silver. The reward in the Gold Rooms does not depend on the number of tickets used.

Islands of Adventure

You can go to the Islands of Adventure with Proceus' compass and receive special rewards, which may include silver. You can receive a reward on these islands only once a day.

Akrasia Express

For all novice players, LOST ARK introduces the Akrasia Express system for fast character development. As a reward for completing it, you can get silver and other valuable items.


At the NPC "Exchange of gold coins", which is located in all major cities, you can exchange gold for silver. But gold is also a valuable currency, so we recommend, first of all, to use other methods of earning silver.

One-time obtaining of silver

In addition to recurring activities with the extraction of silver, there are ways to receive one-time silver on your account.

For raising your reputation with almost any NPC, you can receive an Antique Gold Coin or an Antique Platinum Coin as a reward, using which you can get silver.

For collecting the Sea Adventures collection, you can receive Batius Humpback Whale's Piggy Banks, which contain silver.

At the 1325th rating of the equipment, the Igharam Ridge will become available to you. For completing stages 6, 9 and 24, you can get Antique Platinum Coins, when you use them you will receive silver. But keep in mind that the higher the stage, the higher the equipment rating you will need.

In South Bern, upon reaching 1370 gear rating, you will unlock the Frontier of Chaos. It has two modes: normal (from gear level 1370) and heroic (from gear level 1415). In Normal Difficulty, you can get Shards of the Chaos Ruby, and in Heroic - Solid Chaos Ruby. For Chaos Rubies, you can purchase Treasuries with silver. 

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