Mage in Lost Ark: tips and best builds

 This is what you should know about the Mage in Lost Ark, its advanced classes and the best builds to be able to use it effectively. Become a legend with a little help.

The Mage of Lost Ark is one of the 7 classes in the game, and functions as the damage dealer and support from other MMORPGs. Here we show you how the Mage and its advanced classes work: the Summoner and the Bard , as well as the best builds for this class. 

Mage: description and statistics

The Mage of Lost Ark is a character that has 2 classes : damage dealer and support. With this character you will use magic attacks from a distance , but you must bear in mind the low level of stamina it has. Don't let the enemies get too close or you will have a hard time. Keep in mind that, if you play alone, at first you will have a hard time until you have reached a level that allows you to eliminate at least the smallest mobs that can reach you quickly. 

Mage: description and statistics

These are the advanced Mage classes in Lost Ark , the characteristics of each of them and the best builds :


The advanced Summoner class is a damage dealer class , but not necessarily directly. While it can use direct damage spells , its strength is summoning creatures that can launch powerful magical attacks, hinder the attack of enemies and prevent them from reaching you. Be careful because, being a magical class, you cannot count on you to withstand too many direct attacks

  • Attack Power: 3/6.
  • Mobility: 0/6.
  • Range: 6/6.
  • Support: 2/6.
  • Defense: 1/6.


The advanced Bard class is a 100% class support . Obviously, by themselves they are not particularly useful, you should not choose this class to play alone, or if there is already another Bard in the team. Of course, it is a better support than the Paladin , which is a somewhat more hybrid class. Keep in mind that playing as Bard requires you to always be aware of your teammates and your surroundings . Don't let a bunch of enemies surround you if you don't want to bite the dust. 

  • Attack Power: 0/6.
  • Mobility: 0/6.
  • Range: 4/6.
  • Support: 6/6.
  • Defense: 0/6.

Best builds for the Mage

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