Martial artist (man) in Lost Ark: tips and best builds

 This is what you should know about the Warrior in Lost Ark, its advanced classes and the best builds to be able to use it effectively. Become a legend with a little help.

Martial artist (man) in Lost Ark: tips and best builds

The martial artist (man) from Lost Ark is one of the 7 classes in the game, and functions as damage dealer . Here we show you how the Martial Artist (male) works and its advanced classes: Striker, as well as the best builds for this class. 

Martial artist (male): description and statistics

The Martial Artist (man) of Lost Ark is a character that has 1 class : damage dealer. Unlike other classes, it only has one advanced class , so there are few evolution options. He is a character fast , with a very short skill cooldown that allows him to unleash elemental attacks with very bad temper and devastating effects. 

These are the advanced classes of the Martial Artist (man) in Lost Ark , the characteristics of each of them and the best builds :


The Advanced Striker class is unique to the Martial Artist (male), and focuses on launching fast and powerful elemental attacks . You must bear in mind that, to do this, you need to charge elemental bubbles , since some skills require these skill points. It is very strong and abilities can be cast in rapid succession , making the Striker a fearsome battering ram when it comes to smashing through larger foes. 

  • Attack Power: 5/6.
  • Mobility: 5/6.
  • Range: 1/6.
  • Support: 0/6.
  • Defense: 5/6.

Best builds for the Martial Artist (male)

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