Minecraft: Release of major “Caves & Cliffs” update in a few hours - what's inside?


Minecraft: Release of major “Caves & Cliffs” update in a few hours - what's inside?

In Minecraft , the release of "Caves & Cliffs" with update 1.18 is imminent. We'll show you the time for the download and what to expect in the big patch.

What kind of update is that? The " Caves & Cliffs" update for Minecraft has been split into two parts. The first part appeared in the summer with version 1.17 and changed mobs and blocks. The second part now follows on November 30th and takes care of the upper world, new caves and mountains.

We'll show you here when you can download the update and what's inside.

Release date and time for download - what is known?

When does the download start? The release of Caves and Cliffs is Tuesday, November 30th.

What time does it start? There is currently no official time for the download. In general, starting November 30th, all platforms should be able to download update 1.18 in Minecraft. The update may even be available for you now.

The first part of the "Caves & Cliffs" update went live for many players a few months ago around 6:00 pm.

Why are there two parts? Originally the "Caves & Cliffs" update was one big update. But the corona pandemic had a negative impact on development. That is why it was decided to publish most of the new blocks in the smaller update 1.17 in June 2021 and to bring the big world changes to update 1.18, the second part.

However, this second part has been slimmed down a bit. One of the highlights, “The Deep Dark”, has been removed from the “Caves & Cliffs” update and is now part of the major Minecraft update 2022. This includes the nasty warden and blocks that react to vibrations. This content will appear with update 1.1

What's in update 1.18? Patch Notes Highlights

More height: In the new update, the height of your Minecraft worlds ranges from -64 to 319, that is the Y-axis. In the area under Y = 0 you will find mostly deep slate instead of the normal stone.

New terrain, biome and cave generation: You can expect new biomes on the peaks of the mountains and in caves. Also, “Terrain” has been separated from “Biomes”, which means that some biomes have been renamed or removed.

You can now find stalactite caves and lush caves underground.

The old caves of your worlds have been adjusted so that they connect well with the new caves and expand.

There are three forms of the new caves:

  • Cheese Caves: With large stone towers that stretch from the floor to the ceiling of the cave
  • Spaghetti Caves: Long, narrow caves that are reminiscent of the original caves
  • Noodle Caves: They're even thinner and more tangled than the spaghetti caves
Caves and mountains will change for you in the new Minecraft update
Caves and mountains will change for you in the new Minecraft update

The mountains come with six sub-biomes:

  • Meadow: Arises at the lower point of some mountains with lots of grass and flowers
  • Grove: On snowy mountains next to forests, brings snow and powder snow
  • Snowy Slopes: Arises on snow-covered mountains next to flatlands and snow-covered tundra - with snow and powder snow
  • Jagged Peaks: One of the three biomes that arise on the tops of mountains with snow, snow blocks and stone
  • Frozen Peaks: Belongs to one of the three biomes on mountain peaks, with snow, snow blocks, ice and pack ice
  • Stony Peaks: Another of the three biomes on mountain peaks, with stone, gravel and calcite
Ores: The ore generation has been revised. You can use it to find larger clusters of diamonds. In addition, you will no longer find certain ores below Y = 0. So you will find copper mixed with granite at heights above Y = 0, iron ore mixed with tufa and pig iron blocks below Y = 0.

Mobs: Enemy mobs only spawn in areas where the light level is 0. So in complete darkness. However, this only applies to light from block sources, not sunlight (sky light). When the Sky Light is 7, mobs can spawn (via Twitter.com ).

What do we know about update 1.19 “The Wild” for 2022?

When is the release? An exact release date for the 1.19 update in Minecraft is still unknown. It was announced for the year 2022.

What's in it? We know that the nasty Warden adversary will be part of the big update and that the swamp biomes will also be reworked.

The boats are also being improved so that you can use them to transport more loot.

As new animals, frogs and tadpoles find their way to Minecraft with patch 1.19. The frogs can take on different types and colors, depending on the biome in which they grow up.

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